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Batman Episode 1: Realm of Shadows – Chapter 5 – Room with a View

by Prima Games Staff

Batman: The Telltale Series, Episode 1: Realm of Shadows – Chapter 5 – Room with a View begins with Bruce and Alfred having a chat in the Bat Cave. Alfred gave us a lecture due to our actions in Chapter 4, and took note regardless of our remarks. Eventually, he’ll hand you the movie tickets. You can either take them, or shred them. We chose the first option.

Once you gain control at the monitor,examine the Bat Computer to learn more about Falcone and his connection with Bruce’s parents. Was Falcone blackmailing the Waynes? You’ll soon be presented with another major decision in Batman: Episode 1: Give the dirt on Falcone to Lieutenant Gordon or Vicki Vale. The next scenario has you meet either Gordon or Vicki.

Give the data to Gordon: You’ll meet with Gordon on a bridge. More options in the dialogue will be presented. If you state Gordon is trustworthy, he’ll take notice. To neutralize the tension about the Wayne investigation, we stayed cool and mentioned there wasn’t any strings attached. Bruce and Gordon then part ways.

Give the data to Vicki: This is essentially the same scenario, with little variation besides the characters. You’ll meet Vicki at the outskirts overlooking Gotham. Vicki suggests the data would end up in the wrong hands if given to the police, and seems concerned about her career. We told her it’d be worth it.

Whoever you met up with, approach your car and press the button cue to trigger a nifty cut scene featuring the Batmobile. Following the cut scene, you’ll be in control of Batman’s drone device scouting the Skyline Club.

Examine the balcony in front to spot a point of entry. Next, move the drone to the right so you get a look inside the club. Make sure to spot the security camera in the top-left corner. At this point, evaluate every point of interest in the club. You’ll find a heavily guarded office on the second floor.

Your next row of business will be to assemble a plan of attack. Similar to Chapter 4 in which you solved the crime scene, you’ll need to link four mobstersto certain objects. Follow the list below for each takedown strategy. Each mobster has two unique ways to meet their demise:

  • Entryway Gunman: Marble Pillar or Staircase 
  • Balcony Gunman: Upper Balcony or Balcony Railing 
  • Seated Gunman: Large Coffee Table or Folding Screen 
  • Outer Window Gunman: Modern Art or Hanging Light

As usual, it’s your choice for your attack strategy, but we assume everyone is going to rely on the Hanging Light assault against the Window Gunman – it looks brutally intriguing. When you’re ready, let Alfred know it’s a go. Batman will attack accordingly to your plan, so be ready to have your fingers ready as the assault commences. Once the mobsters are dealt with, you’ll encounter a battle with Falcone himself.

Falcone is a maniac with his machine gun. Fire your Batclaw through the ceiling to disarm him, and then nail him with the Batarang before he flees into a room. Dodge his fire, then follow the on-screen prompts to toss an EMP grenade through the door. You’ll have one more sneak attack to execute before choosing your next assault: Toss him into the fireplace, or smash him the TV console.We chose the latter.

Falcone will activate a drone immediately after your decision. Luckily, you have a drone of your own. Evade the shots fired, then align the target to blast the wall using your drone’s POV. Follow the on-screen prompts to defend yourself from Falcone’s remaining efforts, and you’ll eventually have a choice: Brutalize Falcone, or arrest him. We thought he deserved jail time, which seemingly peeks Alfred’s interest.

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