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Batman Episode 1: Realm of Shadows – Chapter 3 – Meet the Press

by Prima Games Staff

The third chapter of Batman: The Telltale Series – Meet the Press begins with Bruce arriving at Cobblepot Park. When you gain control, examine the graffiti on the wall and the newspaper on the steps for some interesting info. Then ascend the stairs to the main entrance of the park. Approach the homeless person laying on the ground and spare him some change if you’d like (we did). The burning barrel has no use other than keeping your hands warm.

Move forward and Oswald will send you a text message. He’ll inform to meet him at the statue, which is just ahead. You can attempt to speak with the smoking man, but he’s not keen on the conversation. Feel free to browse the area before you examine the statue. This will trigger an encounter with the some thugs nearby. You shouldn’t be intimidated, considering your Batman. Oswald will join in on the fight, so simply follow the button cues to dismiss the thugs as a duo.  

After you’ve taken care of the thugs, you’ll have a conversation with Oswald. Again, some choices here will tailor to the story if you decide to agree with Oswald or retaliate. We showed some sympathy towards him at first, noting that he was right, but stated Bruce lost his parents too. We also informed him that Falcone was not invited to the manor, and that he’s not Bruce’s enemy. Once Oswald leaves, Alfred will remind you of the hospital press conference via a text message.  You’ll then be presented with a cut scene and arrive at the press conference.

At the press conference, say good morning to the audience if you’d like before you join the stage with Harvey Dent. You’ll receive an urgent text from Alfred asking to talk. Decide if you want to respond or ignore the message (we asked what’s up). When you’re given the mic, choose what you please as the choices are presented to you. Note that replying in a negative way about tearing down the Arkham Asylum will concern the audience. You can also be a jerk and expose Harvey’s involvement for Falcone’s appearance at Bruce Manor, which we found quite entertaining. Shortly after, Alfred will text you again, giving you choice to read it or not. We were curious and checked it out. 

The press begins to nail some hard questions on poor Bruce when asked about his parent’s connection with the mob. Whether or not you decide to deny the allegations, the conference absurdly gets out of control. Luckily, Alfred will give you a ring and save your hide from the outrage.

Could Falcone be a part of the GCPD’s raid of Wayne Manor?

Proceed to Batman Chapter 4 – World’s Greatest Detective or head back to Prima’s Batman: The Telltale Series Walkthrough and Guide. We’ll post new episodes and chapters soon!

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