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Batman Episode 1: Realm of Shadows – Chapter 2 – The One That Got Away

by Prima Games Staff

At the start of Batman: The Telltale Series – Chapter 2 – The One That Got Away, you’ll gain control of Bruce Wayne following the events of Chapter 1: Welcome to Gotham. Arriving in Wayne Manor, Harvey Dent presents a speech about running for mayor. During this speech, you can exchange words with some hilarious dialogue. Harvey will soon approach, so chat with him about your whereabouts and Gotham. We chose the slogan, “Put a Dent in crime,” simply because it was the only one that had a nice ring to it.

Harvey will introduce you to some old folks, Bob and Regina Zellerbach. Choose your words carefully, as the couple (and Harvey) will cater to your responses. We chose, “We can all make a difference,” and also put a good word in for Harvey. After the chat is over, a gorgeous woman catches Harvey’s attention, Vicki Vale. Vicki will have some questions for you. If you choose to keep things off the record or let her stay like we did, you can enjoy flirting with her and witness some funny dialogue.

Alfred will confront you after speaking with Vicki, informing you Carmine Falcone arrived. Speak with Harvey about Falcone’s presents – the environment sure gets sketchy all of a sudden. As you approach Falcone, you can either play nice or portray an egotistical jerk. All eyes are on you, as the party watches you shake Falcone’s hand or refuse the offer. This choice has an impact on either your guests or Falcone’s judgment. We shook his hand to be professional.

Your meeting with Falcone moves to the parlor, courtesy of Alfred. Decide whether or not you want Harvey to join your meeting with Falcone. Harvey will respect your loyalty if you let him in, which we selected. You’ll exchange some words with Falcone; basically if you want to stick up for Harvey, and whether or not you’ll play to Falcone’s scheme. Refusing Falcone’s requests obviously puts you on his bad list (we favored Harvey). Afterward, Alfred will interrupt your chat, followed by a cut scene. At last, you finally get to take a tour of the bat cave!

In the bat cave, you freely take control of Bruce Wayne. Enjoy browsing the cave; you can examine the codex for some interesting information on characters, and even mess with the Batmobile. Once you’re done fiddling around, grab the Data Drive on the desk to the left of the main console, and then insert this into the Date Port just below the main monitor. Doing so will trigger a cut scene with Alfred, and also activate a hologram.

Rotate the hologram with the analog stick all the way to the left so you have the purple-highlighted section in front of you. Your old pal Alfred will arrive and give you some feedback. Examine Catwoman’s profile by selecting the codex, which provides little information. You can ignore Alfred’s remarks and show no respect, or be a good lad and heed his advice (we chose the latter). Alfred will give you the Business Card that holds an interesting note on the back.

The two of you will then begin to discuss yet another key player in the Batman series: Oswald Cobblepot. Business is about to pick up! 

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