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Batman Episode 1: Realm of Shadows – Chapter 1 – Welcome to Gotham

by Prima Games Staff

After the opening cinema concludes, Batman: The Telltale Series – Chapter 1 – Welcome to Gotham takes little time to bring forth the action. Follow the button cue displayed to have Batman equip his grapple gun. Grappling to the building will allow you to zip-line across. Once you crash through the glass, press the button displayed to startle the guard. The game will shift to Bruce’s flashback for a second, then you’ll have a chat with Alfred. Exchange some words as you please to swing the game back into action. We chose the conversation option, “They need something to fear,” because it sounded cool.

Wait for the cursor to appear on the screen, and move the analog stick right to sneak by the guard. Next, you’ll want to use the target cursor (analog stick) and the shoulder button (RT or R2) to grapple the guard’s foot. Follow the on-screen prompt to grab the guard in the chair; these guards are pretty clueless. When Batman appears above his foes, toss a smoke grenade via the button cue to blind them. Then, using the button prompts, you can grab two of the guards with your grapple gun.

The handy Batarang is your next gadget. Press the commands simultaneously to knock the gun out of the guard’s hand (if you avoid this, the guard will run out of ammo regardless). The game will trigger a brief cut scene, but prepare for some action as you run towards the guard. Dodge his bullets, and then press the appropriate button to perform a dropkick. You’ll have to use your dodging techniques that are displayed to take down the remaining guards. If you performed all the prompts successfully, you might be lucky enough to deliver a Finishing Blow by pressing multiple button cues at once.

You’ll meet up with Catwoman shortly after. Be prepared to dodge the guard behind you. As Catwoman tries to escape, she’ll leave you surrounded by police. Grapple to the ceiling’s passage shown on-screen to escape quickly, and you’ll catch up with Catwoman once more. Your response here will be remembered by Catwoman in the story. We chose: “The city needs protection.”

This time, you square off against Catwoman. Her whip is lethal, so you’ll need to dodge her attacks as best you can. Use the button prompts to evade her attacks while executing some offense. Catwoman will eventually attach a device to Batman; have your fingers ready to remove the device. After performing some of your own attacks, you’ll need to aim and fire your Batclaw to prevent her from escaping.

The fight seems to reach a climax until Commissioner Gordon and the GCPD arrive. Continue to follow the on-screen prompts from before to dodge her attacks, and be sure to snag the package attached to Catwoman’s leg.

Surprisingly, one knucklehead of an officer will shoot Batman in the middle of the fight. Chase Catwoman down, and then aim for the central part of her back. Fire the electrical device to stop her from reaching the helicopter. Next, leap off the building as she falls, and catch her on your descent.

To save both yourself and Catwoman, press the on-screen prompt to grab hold of the building, and then grasp onto her arm. If you don’t catch her last fall, it’s game over. You’ll have a conversation with Catwoman shortly after.

Pull her up to safety. No matter the events that transpired, Catwoman will escape with the disk, leaving Batman scathed.  

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