We helped you apprehend The Joker. Now it's time to go after Bane.

With Joker in custody, Batman is prompted by Alfred to finally have some dinner on Christmas Eve. Our hero refuses the offer, however, and continues his quest to find Bane.  

Acquire the Glue Grenade at the Workbench 

At the Batcave, preparation is complete for a new handy device at Batman's workbench. Head to the workshop and pick up the Glue Grenade. Think of this weapon as Spider-Man's webbing; you can stick enemies, form platforms and plug those pesky gas pipes. Hold LT or L2 to aim, and RT or R2 to throw the device. It will come in handy soon enough.  

Once you've acquired the new weapon, don't forget to talk to Alfred again for a mass amount of XP. If you haven't been upgrading yet, we recommend doing so now. Also, feel free to commence in some training as well. It's a tough road ahead, but not with proper preparation! 

Scan the Corpse in the GCPD Morgue 

Something is fishy at the morgue, and Batman needs to investigate. Go to the GCPD in Burnley. The marker on your map points to a sewage passage on ground level. The station is heavily guarded, so we suggest taking out the sniper first and foremost from the rooftop, then deal with the remaining SWAT officers below. After the fight, enter the sewers via the manhole. 

Steam from the pipes blocks your path in the sewer, but this shouldn't be a problem with your new device. Equip the Glue Grenade and toss them into the pipe holes. The passage leads to the Burnley Sewers – East area, the Derelict Elevator Shaft and the Morgue entrance. At the Morgue entrance, hack the code to reveal Dead House as the password. Now enter the morgue from the ladder, scan the corpse inside and then examine the computer for new evidence of Bane's location. 

Side Quest – Bird Most Wanted

Upon exiting the sewers, a call from the police radio prompts some gang fight at the Coventry District. This is an optional side quest, but it wouldn't hurt to gain some additional XP. 

Locate the Tracker on Bane

Your next destination is way up northwest at Park Row.  Several snipers are on the lookout and need your attention first. Stay high and take care of them, then dismiss the ones on ground level. Enter the door in the tunnel and crawl through the vent to arrive at the Park Row Sewer Access area.  Proceed to the lower level and defeat the thugs roaming about. Now blast the cracked surface at the gate with Explosive Gel. The tunnel ahead is full of toxic sewage. To advance, create a raft by using a Glue Grenade in the water and latch onto the rings with the Batclaw to pull yourself further. 

As you attempt to enter the western doors ahead, you're ambushed by a group of thugs, most notably some more Venom Users. Use the Cape Stun to get the upper-hand and deal some hits with your Shock Gloves when available. With the battle won, proceed onward to the entrance to Bane's Field HQ. There are some points of interest in the area, such as inspecting the tape, the computer screens and the gurney. Head to northern section to trigger a cut scene – it appears Bane knows Batman's identity.