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Assassin’s Creed Unity Sequence 9 – Memory 1: Starving Times – Steal the Orders

by Prima Games Staff


  • Don’t touch the water
  • Don’t trigger any alarms

Go to the Docks

You get to start off with an easy one, simply following your objective marker until you reach it and trigger a cut scene.

Tail the Barge

As much as we would like direct your movements in a step-by-step fashion, it would take you longer to read and study that than to just pass this part using trial by error. What we will do, however, is give you some advice.

The game sets you up for some great free running opportunities, and for the most part they are fairly obvious. Just try to keep an eye on the path ahead, planning your steps before you get there. When you come across some Extremists, run past them and keep your eye on that barge.

This is also the portion of the memory where you can complete the first memory, making sure not to get your feet wet. It’s fairly straightforward, just be sure to stick to the shore whenever possible. When you make your way up onto a bridge you’ll trigger a cut scene and complete this objective.

Steal the Orders

Head toward the intersection to the northeast, then climb on top of the building on the north corner of it. From here you’ll want to stick to the rooftops and make your way west, perching atop a beam that is about 50 meters from your target. You’ll also notice that directly below you is a cart full of hay, as well as an Extremist and patrolling Brute. If you see everything we described there, you’re in the right spot.

When you’re ready, take a leap of faith that will see you land in the cart full of hay directly behind the Extremist. When you’re sure that nobody is looking, press the attack button to kill him. Do the same thing to the Brute when he wanders back over toward you.

You’ve still got bad guys to your left and right, but when they aren’t looking you should be clear to exit the cart full of hay and make your way along the dock that the Brute was patrolling. From here, jump in the water and swim to the floating dock. Wait for the coast to be clear, then sneak up and make your way to the southern corner, quietly killing the Extremist standing there.

Your target might notice the body, but as long as you don’t get caught killing him you should be fine. Wait for the Seeker to turn away, then climb up and quietly execute him, looting his body to complete your objective.

Escape the Area

The best way out of here is the same way you used to get in. Head back to the dock that you started on by free running across the wooden beams that lead to it. From here, use whatever route you desire to get out of the shaded are and complete your escape.

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