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Assassin’s Creed Unity Sequence 7 – Memory 2: Meeting with Mirabeau – Apothecary

by Prima Games Staff


  • Slide under or over five objects
  • Use one lift

Speak to Mirabeau

Both of the challenges in this memory take place during the final objective, so for now you can turn your focus to progressing the story in the most efficient way possible. To do this, head up the two flights of stairs and move into the objective marker that leads to Mirabeau.

Investigate the Crime Scene

In order to complete this objective, you will need to locate and examine three pieces of evidence in various parts of the room, although there are a total of four you can interact with.

  • Templar Badge of Office on the bed.
  • Handkerchief on the floor beside the bed.
  • Appointment book on the desk.
  • Cup of Aconite found in the cabinet.

It should be noted that we didn’t get credit for picking up the handkerchief, so it’s likely not considered an essential piece of evidence. After all, you only needed three pieces to progress the story.

Lastly, you will see the ability to accuse Elise of the murder, but she’s innocent, so you might want to hold off there, detective.

Speak to Master Quemar

Leave the building the same way that you entered and make the short trip down the street to speak to Master Quemar. While you could stop and help out citizens in need along the way, this part is nothing more than a bit of cardio followed by a cut scene.

Speak to the Apothecary

Time for more cardio. Make your way to the objective marker on your screen to trigger yet another cut scene.

Tackle the Apothecary

It would seem that Ubisoft believes in preparation, as all that cardio appears to have prepared Arno for the big chase that’s about to go down. While it’s more running around Paris, there are some challenges you can complete while you’re doing so.

One of the challenges is to slide over or under five objects, two of which you can knock off in the tunnel where the pursuit begins. You can snag a third when your target shuts a door in your face, passing through the window just to the right. As for the other two, you can pick those up on the rooftops, or in the park where the chase typically ends. It should be noted, however, that we tackled this guy long before we found five objects to slide over or under. You might want to prolong the festivities if you are a stickler for completing challenges.

The second challenge is to use one lift, and this can be done when your foe shuts the door in your face as well. In fact, this is where we went wrong and ended things too early. Instead of taking the window, take the lift to the right to reach the rooftops, then continue to pursue your foe, passing over chimneys as you do. This approach should allow you to complete both challenges, but if you just want to get this over with and move on, go through the window and tackle the Apothecary at your first opportunity. When the chase ends, the memory will be complete.

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