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Assassin’s Creed Unity Sequence 5 – Memory 2: La Halle Aux Bles – Escape the Area

by Prima Games Staff


  • Three pistol kills
  • Slide over or under four objects

Investigate la Halle aux Bles

If you follow our instructions you’ll go silent on this one, but that is complicated given that one of the challenges is to score three pistol kills. To do this, look for three Extremists in the area of your starting position, then take them out with pistol kills from the rooftops. Once you enter the building it will be time to put the gun in its holster and bust out the blades.

With three Extremists shot dead, look for a tree that’s close to your starting point, hop to it, then into an open window just to the left of the front door. Drop down to the ground, sneaking north and past the two guards at the front door. Keep moving forward, creeping by some lazy Extremists on your left and snapping into cover next to a hiding place.

From your position of cover next to the hiding place, observe the two Extremists to your left. When they both have their back to you, sneak up and perform silent kills. With the area clear, hop up onto some nearby barrels and then onto a platform with a lone Extremist standing guard. Take him out quietly, then climb across the rope and up into the room just beyond. We were spotted here, but it seems the bad guys couldn’t find their way up. If they see you, just wait a moment until they forget an assassin is lurking in the shadows.

You should now see an objective marker on your screen that requires you to investigate something on the barrels in the room. Do so, triggering a cut scene that shows Arno and his love of fire.

Escape the Area

Here is where you’re going to knock off your second challenge, the one requiring your to pass over or under four objects. Complete one of these off by sliding over the barrels in the middle of the room, then a second when you slip through the small gap in the bottom of the wall. Jump out the window and onto a beam, then slide under another obstacle for the third part of this challenge. After nearly perishing in an explosion, climbing up some rubble and jumping down from a beam, slide over a couple more barrels to put this challenge behind you.

Even though both of the challenges are now complete, there is still the business of getting out of this place alive. Continue to run, climb and jump along the only path you can, making your way to the top of la Halle aux Bles. When you escape you’ll trigger a memory ending cut scene. On to the next.

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