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Assassin’s Creed Unity Sequence 4 – Memory 1: The Kingdom of Beggars

by Prima Games Staff


  • Four Phantom Blade Kills
  • Two Cherry Bomb Lures

Investigate la Cour des Miracles

Although there are several ways to progress the story, we found the most efficient way of travel was to climb to the rooftops and make our way to the opposite end of the shaded area. In fact, if you look at that shaded area on your mini-map, and using your starting position as a point of reference, you need to move to the top right corner to find what you’re looking for. If you want to get all technical about it, you need to head to the northeast corner. Once there, activate your Eagle Vision to locate La Touche, Le Roi des Thunes’ lieutenant.

Tail La Touche

Call us suckers for the rooftops, but you can’t argue the effectiveness of keeping Arno above his targets. Not only is this a great way to follow La Touche, but it’s also a good opportunity to pick up some Phantom Blade kills needed for your challenge. Pick off any guards you can, making sure to regularly activate your Eagle Vision to keep your target in sight. When he finally reaches his destination, a short cut scene will end with the completion of your objective.

Find La Touche

Once again, looking at your mini-map will show you the target area that you can find La Touche in, and as before, we would highly advise that you stick to the rooftops. Just remember to keep using your Eagle Vision to not only locate the person of interest, but also any guards that might not be as visible as Arno would prefer. It’s during this portion of the memory that you’ll want to pick up two more Phantom Blade kills. You should have no problem finding a target.

The building that La Touch is in can be accessed from a balcony on the southeast side. There are at least two guards that can either see this balcony, or are actually stationed on it, so again, the Phantom Blade is a good option. Once you make your way inside, look for a third guard in the building itself, as well as an Artifact sitting on the wall.

Your path to La Touche is now clear, so feel free to simply walk down the stairs and interact with the door that he’s hiding behind. As you might expect, this will trigger a cut scene.

Escape the Clinic

The easiest way out of this place is to backtrack exactly the way you came, stopping on the balcony that you used to enter the building to toss a Cherry Bomb at some guards below. As long as you distract two of them, you should complete the challenge. Of course, you can distract any two guards you please, but do so from the safety of the rooftops, then make your escape from the target area to complete the mission.

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