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Assassin’s Creed Unity Sequence 10 – Memory 1: A Dinner Engagement – Poison Wine Assassination

by Prima Games Staff


  • Drive two Brutes berserk
  • Perform two double assassinations

Assassination Opportunity – Steal the Wine

Before you get to the killing part of this memory, you’ll want to knock off the two challenges, both of which can be done moments into the action. From your starting point, look to the northeast gate, taking note of the three Extremists. One is leaning against a pillar, and two are in front of him. Move through the crowd toward the lone guard, blending with the crowd as you go. Take out the lone guard with a Hidden Blade kill, then turn your attention to the two Extremists, using the Double Assassination on them. Next, move to the east along the front of the building, using a Berserker Blade on the Brute a short distance away.

Head up to the rooftops and make your way to the west side of the building. Watch out for a Sniper along the way, but you’re looking for a collection of three Extremists on a rooftop patio. One of them, a Brute, is your second target for the Berserker Blade, completing the challenge. Let him kill his buddies, or do it yourself it he happens to fail.

With those three down, you’re going to hop up on the nearby ledge to the west, using your Double Air Assassination to take out the two guards at street level. This will complete your second challenge of two, and conveniently you will find the wine you need to steal just a few meters away and to the east.

Find Le Peletier

After stealing the wine, you want to head back to where you killed the two guards a moment ago, heading north a few feet until you spot an open window. Take cover beneath it, waiting for an Extremist to turn his back to you, at which point you’ll hit him with a Berserker Blade. This will cause him to attack his friends, leaving a an opportunity for you to use the disguise skill and walk right up the stairs to the second level.

Once you’re on the upper level you’ll need to move behind the bar, snapping into cover before you lose your disguise. This is where you can interact with your objective and poison the wine.

Assassinate Le Peletier

From here it’s just a waiting game. Be patient while Le Peletier socializes and drinks the wine. When he moves to the hallway behind the bar, meet him there and finish him off with a Hidden Blade kill.

Escape the Area

It’s time to get out of there before someone recognizes you, which is likely going to happen anyway. Simply retrace your steps to exit the same way you entered, then run until you’re beyond the shaded area on your mini-map. When you’re free, the memory is over.

Return to the Assassin’s Creed Unity Walkthrough, or continue to Sequence 10 – Memory 2: The Execution. Alternatively, you could try and complete this memory using the Bribery Assassination.

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