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Assassin’s Creed Unity Sequence 10 – Memory 1: A Dinner Engagement – Bribery Assassination

by Prima Games Staff


  • Drive two Brutes berserk
  • Perform two double assassinations

Infiltration Opportunity – Bribe the Washer

Before we get too far into the meat and potatoes of this assassination, there are a couple of things you’ll need if you want to beat it according to our walkthrough. The first is 4,000 ₣, which will then be used to bribe your way inside Le Peletier’s study. Additionally, if you hope to complete both of the challenges for this memory, you’ll need to bring Berserker Blades, as well as make sure you have the Double Assassination and Double Air Assassination skills unlocked.

For the sake of full disclosure, we skipped the challenges, finding they weren’t beneficial to us eliminating our target in an efficient way. However, we’ll explain how you can complete them.

From your starting position, you’ll find the building you need to access to the north, and on the east and west rooftops (of the same building) are at least two clusters of Extremists, each containing one Brute. If you want to complete the challenge to drive two Brutes berserk, visit these clusters of bad guys and shoot the Brutes with Berserker Blades. In addition, if you see any other Brutes wandering around outside, you can kill them instead. It doesn’t matter which two.

As for the Double Assassinations, one can be completed on the two guards at the front gate of the compound, close to your starting point. For this, take out the guard behind them first, then sneak up and give them the hidden blade. The second opportunity is just below the cluster of Extremists on the rooftop to the east. If you hang from the wall, you can drop down for the Double Air Assassination. That should do it for both challenges.

From anywhere in the nearby area, you should be able to climb on top of the compound and locate the interior courtyard. Once you’ve spotted it, look for an objective in the northeast corner, then make your way there to bribe one of Peletier’s employees to leave the window to his study open. As soon as the cut scene ends, climb in through the window.

Assassination Opportunity

You won’t complete this objective with this walkthrough. This one has to do with the Poison Wine Assassination option, but you can’t do both in the same play through. We’ll return to this in the coming days.

Find Le Peletier

You’ll be incredibly amazed at how easy this assassination is from here, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t people to kill before you can put this one to bed. Start off by snapping into cover next to the door on the room’s west side, then use Eagle Vision to spot the Defender in the nearby hallway.

When the coast is clear, sneak up on and quietly kill the Defender, then go through the door that he was facing, once again taking cover next to the door on the west wall. Eagle Vision will show two guards in the next room, one who is just a regular Extremist, and another who is the dreaded Seeker. Wait for the Extremist to move to the window, then sneak in and kill the Seeker before he can react. From there, quickly move and take out the Extremist before he turns around. Continuing your journey to the west, pick the lock on the door along that wall, then go through when the coast is clear.

Once you’re through the now unlocked door, use Eagle Vision to make sure a patrolling Brute isn’t around, then sneak in the doorway to the left and kill the Extremist. Snap into cover along the path of the Brute’s patrol, then take him out with a cover kill as he’s returning.

Assassinate Peletier

It’s time to take out Le Peletier. To do this, move to the open doorway in the northwest corner of the room, briefly stepping inside when the Seeker isn’t standing directly in front of you. You only need to go about two feet inside, then back out and snap to cover along the doorway again. Give it maybe 20 seconds, and if Peletier starts talking, you know you triggered the events that will lead to his death.

Maintain your position of cover by the door, waiting quite some time until he finally decides to leave the party and head your way. As he approaches the door, hit him with a cover kill to complete the assassination.

Escape the Area

If you did this right, nobody will have a clue that Le Peletier has been killed, and you could theoretically take a nap back in his study and never get caught. It’s also worth mentioning that if you still have any of the two challenges to complete, you can continue to stealth around and do so.

Of course, you likely just want to leave before something goes horribly wrong. For this, backtrack to the room where you killed the Seeker and Extremist by the window, using that very method to get outside and leave the shaded area on your mini-map.

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