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Assassin’s Creed Unity Sequence 1 – Memory 2: The Estates General – Find De La Serre

by Prima Games Staff


  • Parry two attacks
  • Dodge two attacks

Follow the Carriage

When the memory begins, you’ll need to follow the carriage through the streets. However, it won’t be long before your path is cut off by a closed gate. To keep up with De La Serre, you’ll have to climb up the wall and onto the rooftops above, and it’s here where you should see a fairly obvious path that will allow you to free run and keep pace. Even if you take a couple of wrong steps, continue pursuing your target until a cut scene interrupts you.

Go to the Church Spire

There isn’t a right or wrong way to complete this objective. You just have to make your way to the Church and climb to the top. If you want to make things a little easier you can use the surrounding buildings to get close, then scale to the top of the spire.

Find the Lower Gallery

Now that you’ve located De La Serre, you need to make your way to the lower gallery. To do this, you’ll have to access the building directly behind the gate but at the far back of the estate. This can be done one of two ways. The First is using your Eagle Vision to locate and avoid guards as you blend in with the crowd, and the second is to scale the estate’s walls and use the rooftops. After a few failed attempts to blend in, we just took the rooftop route.

If you went the same way we did (if you walked in the front door you can skip this part) you’ll use the building to the right of the gate, following the roof until you see two open balcony doors. Head inside, then move through the room and into a long corridor. Follow this to another room that has a set of stairs, heading down them and through the door to complete your objective and find the lower gallery.

Find De La Serre

Your path through the estate is actually quite linear, meaning you can simply move forward without worrying about being in the right spot. Head up the curved stairs, then pass the crowd with their backs to you along the balcony. Go down another set of stairs, moving along the rugs that line the floors before returning to yet another balcony. It’s at the far end of this (before you go up a small set of stairs) that you need to use your Eagle Vision to spot De La Serre.

Go Backstage

This one is fairly simple. Walk into your nearby objective marker and enjoy the cut scene.

Defend Yourself

Now for the fun stuff. Not only do you get to draw your sword, but this is also your chance to knock off the two challenges in this memory, requiring you to dodge two attacks, then parry two more. Follow your on-screen instructions to complete the challenges, but don’t forget to mix in a few attacks of your own to teach the brothers a lesson.

Escape the Area

This is another easy one. If you look at your mini-map in the bottom left corner you’ll see a shaded area. This is what you need to escape. Simply sprint away from the police and until you’ve broken their line of sight, then flee to the rooftops to complete the memory.

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