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Assassin’s Creed Unity Prologue: Kill the Assassin

by Prima Games Staff

The prologue in Assassin’s Creed Unity will serve as a tutorial for some of the in-game concepts and controls. In fact, this is something you can expect to continue through several additional memories, as you step into the boots of the main protagonist, Arno Dorian.


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Follow de Molay

In true tutorial fashion, you’ll find your first objective of the game is a simple one. Follow de Molay and enjoy the conversation, following the on-screen prompt to run when the instruction is given. A cut scene will trigger shortly afterwards.

Find the Templar Artifacts

After parting ways with de Molay, you’ll need to make your way through a gauntlet of foes that stand between you and your on-screen objective marker. Pay close attention to the prompts that will show you how to attack, dodge and parry, but don’t be afraid to run through them if you see an opening.

Continue moving forward until a very short cut scene shows a bridge being raised, then look to your left for a ladder that leads to an open window. Head up the ladder, passing through the room and exiting out a second window on the opposite side.From here, you’ll want to look left again, climbing up the scaffolding, then following the game’s instructions and scaling the nearby wall. As you continue into the next room and then down a spiral staircase, you’ll trigger yet another cut scene.

Kill the Assassin

Keeping true to the tutorial style prologue this is turning out to be, the next sequence of events is designed to teach you some of the ins and outs of movement and combat. Start off by following the assassin, then using the on-screen instructions to fight him. Keep repeating this process until he’s finally dead, then take a short break and enjoy the prologue’s final cut scene.

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