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Assassin’s Creed Unity – Chemical Revolution Mission – Steal Lavoisier’s Formula

by Prima Games Staff


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Find Marat’s Thug

To complete your first objective, you’ll need to make your way through the streets of Paris, doing your best to keep Arno from getting into a conflict with the Extremists that are scattered about. When you get close to your objective marker, hit the rooftops to avoid letting the thug spot you. If you would rather stick to the streets, you can use Arno’s ability to blend in with the crowd, but rooftops are a more secure way to go about things. Still, the choice is yours.

Tail the Thug

Once again, we’re going to suggest that you stick to the rooftops. This thug has a fairly long distance to travel, and he’s not in a really big hurry. Besides that, going to street level risks confrontation, and Arno doesn’t need that while trying to stay out of sight.

Continue moving with the thug as he takes you back to his hideout, remembering to utilize your Eagle Vision when you lose line of sight. This will prevent the you from failing the memory because you’ve lost your target. When he finally arrives at his destination, the objective will be complete.

Speak to Lavoisier

As hoped, the thug has lead Arno to Lavoisier, and your next objective is to speak with him. This is complicated by the fact there are quite a few Extremists in the area, including Brutes and Seekers. Due to the high volume of adversaries, we found it was best to pick a few of them off from a distance using our Phantom Blade. If you prefer chaos, why not hit one of your higher-level foes with the Berserker Blade, grab some 17th century popcorn and let these guys kill each other?

However you choose to clear out the scum, when they’re gone, you simply need to make your way to the ground level and approach Lavoisier. This will complete your objective.

Steal Lavoisier’s Formula

We’re not sure if we’re just really good or lucky, but when we approached our nearby objective marker, we immediately completed this. The target house showed quite a bit of formula, but we found it sitting on the bottom floor with two Extremists. When we approached, they both died and our objective was complete.

Escape the Area

Unlike most memories, escaping the area is not your last objective in this one, and you must now make your way through a house full of poison to progress forward. If you have enough health you can basically run up the several flights of stairs and vault through the window. In fact, that’s exactly what we did. Just make sure to replenish it when necessary.

Steal Lavoisier’s Formula

You should now see an objective marker on your screen, and approaching it will no doubt put you in conflict with several Extremists, and in our case even a few soldiers. Don’t bother messing around, just kill everyone within reach of your sword, looting the body of the man carrying the poison to complete your objective. If you find things are getting a bit too difficult, try dropping a Smoke Bomb to buy you a few precious seconds.

Speak to Lavoisier

When you’ve killed absolutely everyone that stands in your way, begin making the long journey back to speak with Lavoisier. It’s about a 500-meter hike, and in this environment that can be a dangerous amount of distance to cover. Think about taking the rooftops, which might be slower, but are most certainly the safer of the two options. When you arrive the memory will be complete.

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