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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Sequence 6: A Run on the Bank – Kill Lucy Thorne and Twopenny

by Bryan Dawson

Sequence 6 of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate begins with players kidnapping Mr. Dredge. Shortly afterwards they must locate and steal the deed, escape the factory and kill Lucy Thorne. The sequence concludes with gaining entry to the Bank of England and assassinating Twopenny.

A Case of Identity

Your first task is to locate Mr. Dredge. If you wish to complete the optional objective, do this task without killing any policemen. Carefully move east, avoiding the police if you wish to complete the optional objective. Use Eagle Vision to locate your target. Once you find him, your new task is to kidnap Dredge. Head up to the balcony so you can get a bird’s eye view of the area where your target is located and all of the police officers surrounding him.

Dredge moves around the area quite a bit. It’s only a matter of time before he moves away from the police officers. However, once you take him you still need to escape. Before you take Dredge, the police won’t bother you. Use this opportunity to knock them out (or kill them if you don’t care about the optional objective), so you have a clear path to freedom once you abduct Dredge.

When you’re ready, move in behind Dredge and execute the kidnapping. Once you have a hold of him head for the nearest exit (there are exits on all four sides of the area), avoiding the police as you go. Make your way out of the red highlighted area on the map to complete the memory.

A Spot of Tea

When you reach the first destination in this memory, you are tasked with locating the smuggled weapons. Activate Eagle Vision to determine that there are three carts that need to be searched. Guards surround all three carts, but they move around enough to make it relatively easy to get to the carts and search them. Of course if you have any issues you can always resort to brute force to take down the guards, as there are numerous ways to assassinate them. We found the goods in the westernmost cart.

Once you’ve located the weapons, head up to the rooftop and hide at the designated spot. When the cart departs, tail it. Take the high road, grappling up to the rooftops and following from high above. Once the cart makes a stop and departs again, drop down to the ground and follow until it stops one last time. Move back up to the rooftops and wait for the cart to move again, then drop down to the street once you’ve away from the guards at the previous stop. Hop in a carriage or follow on foot until your target reaches its final destination, completing the memory.

One Good Deed

Head to the rooftop waypoint to begin this memory. After a short cut scene you find yourself at the helm of a carriage and tasked with defending Edward. Two carriages attack Edward’s carriage. You can take them out using any means necessary, but it’s generally best to attack from your current carriage. Once the two enemies are down, jump over to Edward’s carriage and drive to the omnibus factory.

When you arrive at the factory you need to locate the deed. Head to the roof of the building and take out the sniper in the middle of the roof near the south side. Enter the doorway here and whistle to get the attention of the first guard. Kill him, then continue to move through the factory with stealth or brute force. To complete the optional challenge, do not let the target leave the factory.

Use Eagle Vision to locate the guard holding the item you need to steal, and either kill him or sneak up behind him to steal the item. Once you have the item in-hand, leave and move clear of the factory. If you have trouble dealing with the enemies in the factory, get their attention, then head back up to the roof as they chase you. Move to the top of the tallest smoke stack and wait for the enemies to give up their chase. During this process, keep a close eye on the target with the deed as he will generally separate from the other guards, making him an easy target.

Head to the next waypoint where you’ll automatically return the deed and complete the memory.

A Thorne in the Side

Make your way to the vantage point where you’ll find quite a few opportunities to do side tasks during this memory. Your primary objective is to assassinate Lucy Thorne to the east, but you can also speak with the Allied Guard to the north and steal the master key from the Chief Yeoman Warder to the northwest.

If you choose to do some of the side objectives, head north and speak with the Allied Guard. This allows you to use Eagle Vision to determine which guards are fakes, and thus need to be killed. You can now head toward the Chief who happens to patrol near one of the fake guards, so you can handle both objectives at the same time.

Once you’ve taken out all three fake guards, head to the new waypoint to speak with the Allied Guard again. At this point you take control of the Allied Guard and proceed in fake kidnapping Evie as you move toward the purple skull marker on-screen.

Go inside the building and head up the stairs. Avoid allowing any guards within your circle of detection as you work your way over to the infiltration mark. Once you reach the marker wait for the single and press Square (PS4) or X (Xbox One) to assassinate Lucy Thorne. Now simply escape the Tower the same way you came in and head to the final waypoint on the ship to complete the memory.

A Bad Penny

It’s time to infiltrate the Bank of England. Your assassination target is Philip Twopenny. Like many other assassination missions, there are a few side activities you can partake. You can kidnap the head of security which results in a unique kill opportunity. He generally patrols the northwest side of the bank. You can also kidnap the bank manager to gain easy access to the vault, and even kill the vault watcher so you don’t have to worry about the vault door being closed if something goes wrong. Both the bank manager and the vault watcher are located near the vault door.

Head over to the roof of the Bank of England and use the window entry point in the middle of the bank near the east side. From this entry way you can reach the rafters above the main bank floor and easily hit the vault watcher with a hallucinogenic dart. He’s level eight, so you need to upgrade the darts at least once for this to work. If you haven’t done that, you’ll need to get closer and use an air assassination to finish him off.

Move back outside and head over to the window entry point on the northeast side to find an item box. The bank manager also moves into this room, so wait for him there and kidnap him when he enters and turns his back to you. Use the bank manager to get into the vault, then grapple up to the rafters for a relatively simple air assassination. Now head to the next waypoint and grapple back up to ground level, then leave the bank and escape to a safe distance to complete the sequence.

Proceed to Sequence 7: All is Fair in Politics, or head to the free Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Walkthrough and Guide for game beating tips and all collectible locations. For interactive maps, buy the Official eGuide.

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