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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Sequence 4: A Quick and Reliable Remedy – Find Kenway’s Memorabilia Collection, Assassinate Dr. Elliotson

by Bryan Dawson

In Sequence 4 of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, players must locate and then defend the Templar chest. After doing this, they will find and interrogate the Distribution Boss, sabotage the machine and hijack Mr. Owen’s carriage. Finally, they must examine Kenway’s Treasure and kill Dr. Elliotson.

A Spoonful of Syrup

Open your map and move south to the Lambeth region. Mark the Jacob Memory symbol in the area, then grab a carriage and head across the map to the newly marked location. Speak to the man at the location to begin the memory.

After a confrontation with a shady merchant, Jacob must give chase. The merchant locks many gates behind him, so don’t worry about following this person directly. Follow until he ducks into the sewers, then make your own way through the sewers, following the only path available. Once you’re out of the sewers and on the streets again, run to catch up with the merchant and tackle him to get the answers you seek.

Head to the next waypoint and find a high perch. Activate Eagle Vision and look toward the carriage to find the distributor. You’ll probably find the distributor just as he’s getting in a carriage to head to another destination. Follow the carriage until it stops in town. At this point, the distributor will likely get out of the carriage. Use this opportunity to steal the plans before he moves on to the next destination. If he doesn’t get out of the carriage, get into a carriage and ram the distributor’s carriage until he moves on to the next destination and gets out again.

Your next objective is to locate the distribution boss, which is the next waypoint on your map. When you reach the destination, head inside and use the Rope Launcher to reach the beams lining the ceiling area. Activate Eagle Vision to locate the boss, then look around to see the guards in the surrounding area. Take out any guards that would spot you if you approached the boss from behind. With the guards removed, carefully approach the boss and kidnap him. If he spots you before you can kidnap him, you won’t get the optional challenge bonus. Once you have the boss you’ll automatically interrogate him, which completes this memory.

Unnatural Selection

Head to the waypoint marker for the memory, which is on the roof of a building. Begin the memory and your first task is to open the distillery door. Sounds simple until you see all of the guards surrounding the door, including one standing directly in front of it. Grapple over just above the guard standing in front of the door and wait for the other guards to turn their backs. Once the coast is clear, assassinate the guard in front of the door, then quickly open the door. If you’re not particularly agile with your assassinations, clear away a few more guards before you attempt to open the door.

Once inside, follow the old man (your ally) as he moves around the large room. He sabotages one of the valves and leaves you with the task of taking out the rest of the valves on the three floors above. There are plenty of guards to make trouble for you, and if you want to complete the optional challenge, you can’t kill any of the guards. However, to work around this limitation you can knock out the guards. So long as you don’t actually deliver a fatal blow you can still complete the optional challenge.

You can grapple up to the levels above and take care of the valves on the first level without being spotted at all if you’re patient enough. If you do get spotted, you can drop down to the bottom floor to avoid getting into a fight. However, once you sabotage the second and third floors, you won’t be able to drop back down because the lower floors are filled with gas. If you find yourself in a tough spot, knock out the guards instead of assassinating them so you can move around a bit more freely. Sabotage all of the valves and the lever at the very top to meet Charles Darwin and complete the memory.

On the Origin of Syrup

The waypoint for this memory takes you to Charles Darwin again. Speak with the man, which results in a chase to catch and hijack Mr. Owen’s carriage. Hop in the closest carriage and chase after Owen. When you get close you need to get on the roof of your carriage (PS4 – R1, Xbox One – RB), then jump over to the roof of Owen’s carriage (PS4 – R2, Xbox One – RT) and hijack it.

Once you’re in control of Owen’s carriage, ram it into everything until the health bar in the middle of the screen is completely depleted. Be careful not to run into any hostile carriages to avoid having to run or fight, which will delay the completion of the memory. When the health bar is depleted, stop the carriage to finish the memory.

Cable News

Examine the door at the waypoint for this memory to begin. You are tasked with locating the missing crew. Head to the next waypoint to find several hostages being held by a few Blighters. If you wish to complete the optional challenge, aim your hallucinogenic darts at the fire sources near the enemies.

There are plenty of fire sources to use that will net you the optional challenge bonus. Approach cautiously (generally from the ground) so you can aim your darts at the fire source without being seen. Make sure the fire source is highlighted before you fire the darts, or else you may be too far away from the fire source to hit it with a dart. There are also plenty of item boxes in the area, so if you run out of darts, simply open an item box to obtain more.

Three crates are scattered around the area, which you can spot with Eagle Vision. You need to loot all three crates to obtain cable lines from each. Once you’ve looted all of the crates, head to the next waypoint, which is the cargo ship. You need to move quickly because the cargo ship departs and starts to move away. If you can’t get on the cargo ship before it starts to move, use the Rope Launcher to make up the distance. You don’t need to catch it because the cargo ship stops at the next dock. Just make sure you stay close enough to keep the mission going.

When you reach the cargo ship you need to examine the crate. If you wait until the ship docks, you can examine the crate easily because your gang attacks the enemies. Examine the crate, then proceed to the next waypoint, which is Bell’s workshop, to complete the memory.


Speak to Charles Darwin at the memory waypoint to begin. Run over to the building straight ahead and use the Rope Launcher to reach the top and synchronize. Drop down to the roof below and use the entry point on the north side of the building.

Drop down until you reach the floor where the vantage point is located. There are several guards here. Watch their positions using Eagle Vision and avoid them as you head through the doorway to the south. Depending on the patrol rotation of the guards, the east side of the room is the easiest way to move around to the doorway. Head through the doorway and down the stairs to the right, then continue down the next hallway, passing the wheelchair. Move into the room at the end of the hallway on the left to reach the vantage point.

You final task is to assassinate Dr. Elliotson, with two optional challenges of halting the electroconvulsive therapy and not firing a single bullet. Head back out the way you came and leave through the entry point in the hallway. Climb up to the roof and head northeast as you approach the nurse’s location. For bonus rewards, you need to assassinate the young doctor (on the lower floors of the building) and speak with the nurse. Use the entry way (window) on the north side of the building, closest to the nurse’s location.

Go inside the window and drop down to the bottom floor to find the nurse. Speak with her to get the objective of finding the master key. The male nurse is holding the key. He patrols the stairway west of the female nurse’s location. Take down the male nurse and loot his body for the master key. This opens all of the doors in the building.

Head back outside and go into the entry way in the middle of the building on the east side. Once inside, head south and slide through the opening near the floor. Make your way down the hallway to the east, taking out guards as you encounter them.

Continue past the patient on the stretcher to the far end of the hallway. There are two enemies in the room below and a third that patrols the room and the adjacent hallway. Wait for the patrolling guard to enter the room, take him out and then finish off the remaining two enemies.

At this point, you can head down the stairs in the room to eventually finish the memory, but once you’ve assassinated the doctor you will have to escape. Your escape is made much easier by clearing the floor before you head down the stairs.

Once you’ve taken out all of the enemies, make your way down the stairs and take out the guard patrolling the hallway at the bottom. Head west, taking out the other guard along the way, until you reach the corpse. Pick up the corpse and move it southeast to the designated hiding spot.

Go back to the stretcher where you found the body and lie down on it. After a brief cut scene you will have an easy opportunity to assassinate Dr. Elliotson. Leave the building and move out of the range of danger (indicated by the red circle on the map) to complete the memory.

The Crate Escape

Fast travel to the train hideout and move into the passenger car closest to the locomotive. Approach the desk on the right to begin this memory.

Use the Rope Launcher to reach the building to the west, moving over the ships below. Move to the highest point on the rooftop, which places you directly across from the sniper guard to the north. Grapple just above the sniper and use an Air Assassination as you hover above the guard. Look south to see another sniper guard perched on the balcony. Grapple over and assassinate the second sniper.

You can continue to use the Rope Launcher to grapple above guards and take them down quietly, or you can drop down and engage multiple guards at once in a less stealthy manner. However you decide to proceed, clear the guards in the immediate area surrounding the Templar chest, then hop into the cart and search the chest.

Unfortunately, Jacob didn’t do his job as well as you did with Evie, so you’ve been spotted. Fear not, Jacob will handle driving the cart while you get to do some gun slinging. You must shoot enemies as they approach the cart, but pay close attention to your ammo and reload whenever necessary so your gun is ready to fire when you need it. Watch out for the icon indicating you need to dodge incoming fire (Triangle – PS4, Y – Xbox One), and dodge accordingly. It’s also important to watch your immediate surroundings so you can fight off any guards that board your cart.

Hold off the enemies until Jacob reaches a specific point, then you will have 10 seconds to jump out of the cart and reach the nearby waypoint. As long as you move as soon as the timer pops up, you should have no trouble reaching the waypoint in time. Once you reach the waypoint, the memory is complete.

Playing it by Ear

Speak to Henry Green in the train hideout to begin this memory. You find yourself in Henry’s carriage, on your way to the Jackdaw sculpture and Kenway Mansion. Yes, that’s a call back to Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, which is mentioned in the character dialogue if you listen closely while you drive toward the next waypoint.

After a brief cut scene you are now tasked with finding Kenway’s secret, with an optional challenge of discovering all seven of the items in Kenway’s memorabilia collection along the way. Watch the guarding patrolling the front of Kenway Mansion. When the coast is clear, move in and grapple up to the roof. Move around to the southwest corner of the mansion, and Free Run down to the window entry point here.

Watch the guard just inside the window, and move inside when he turns his back to you. Make quick work of the guard, then move into the room to the east to take down another guard. Examine the map on the table on the east wall of the room to find the first item in Kenway’s collection.

Continue down the hallway to the west and kill the guard in the room at the end of the hallway on the right. Edward Kenway’s hat is located on a table on the east wall of this room. If you’re attempting to complete the optional challenge, this is the first of seven items in Kenway’s collection.

The door that leads to the main objective is down the stairs, but for now, let’s find the rest of Kenway’s collection for the optional challenge. Continue through the doorway on the north side of the room, watching for the guard that patrols the hallway beyond. Head east down the hallway and into the first room on the left. There’s another guard that patrols this area, so watch for that enemy and take them out as needed. There’s a table on the west wall of this room with another artifact from Kenway’s collection.

Examine the artifact, then head back to the previous room (where you found the first item in Kenway’s collection) and go down the stairs. Go through the doorway on the north side of the room and down the hallway to the right. If you have the Lockpicking II skill, pick the lock that leads into the next room on the left. Inside the room is an item box that contains silk, metal and more money.

Leave the room (or continue down the hallway if you didn’t have the Lockpicking II skill) and examine the model of the Jackdaw ship on the table just ahead. This is the fourth item in Kenway’s collection.

Go back into the main room where the stairs are located and look on the wall on the north side of the stairs to find Edward’s pistols. Move around to the south side of the stairs to find Edward’s swords mounted above. Examine the pistols and swords as these are the fifth and sixth items in Kenway’s collection.

Head into the hallway to the south, but before you go into the shimmering door (which leads to the main objective), move left down the hallway. Examine another model of the Jackdaw ship on the table on the left side of the hallway. This is the final item in Kenway’s collection and completes the optional challenge.

Go back and enter the shimmering door and examine the piano in the middle of the room. Enter the following notes in this order: D, A, D, E, F, D to unlock a hidden passage in the floor. If you enter the notes correctly the first time you’ll also complete the optional challenge associated with it. There’s no time limit between notes, so take your time to ensure you hit them all correctly on your first attempt.

Head down into the secret passage, collect the loot from the item box to the right (money) and examine the shimmering object on the table on the far side of the room. Use Eagle Vision and interact with the ship wheel on the wall to unlock another secret passage. Make your way through the passage and up the ladder at the end to complete the memory and the sequence.

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