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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Sequence 3: Somewhere That’s Green – Harold Drake Templar Hunt, Spitalfields Gang Stronghold

by Bryan Dawson

Sequence 3 of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate tasks gamers with following Henry Green, then kidnapping and then delivering Homer Dalton using a carriage. From there, they will tackle the thief, go inside of the warehouse and then kill the foreman. Later, players will infiltrate the Spitalfields gang stronghold and assassinate Harold Drake.

Somewhere That’s Green

A boy stole something from you, which results in Jacob chasing after him. The boy is marked as the next waypoint, but you must stay moderately close to him as he flees. If you fall too far behind you’ll have to start over. This is a fairly basic chase through the streets of London. There are some guards you may pass, but as long as you remain in pursuit of the thief you don’t need to worry about them.

When you arrive at the thief’s stopping point, you’ll have to take on two thugs. Evie catches up to you as it’s time to head to the factory. If you beat Evie to the factory you complete an optional challenge, so don’t waste any time looting the two thugs you beat up, and make a beeline for the next waypoint.

Circle around the tower as you climb up to the top of the vantage point and synchronize with it. Take a leap of faith into the hay below, then follow Henry Green until you bump into Charles Dickens. After a short chat with the historic celebrity you’ll find yourself at the reins of Henry Green’s carriage.

Thugs follow you in two carriages. Wait until each one moves up near the side of your carriage, then ram into it to topple it over and destroy their carriage. Repeat this process for the second carriage, then head to the next waypoint, which is where you’ll find Henry Green again. Exit the carriage and head inside Henry’s shop to complete this memory.

To Catch an Urchin

At this point your new objective is to conquer Whitechapel. However, you can finally explore some side activities as well. For the purposes of this walkthrough, we’re going to be a bit more direct and focus on conquering Whitechapel instead of any side activities. Open your map and mark the next Sequence 3 waypoint.

If you climb up to the roof east of the entrance to Henry’s shop, you’ll find another item box. Collect the loot, then move across the rooftops to the next waypoint. If you stick to the rooftops you won’t have to worry about the guards who patrol the streets of London. Speak to the man at the next waypoint to begin the memory.

After speaking with some quite knowledgeable children, you are tasked with reaching the warehouse, then freeing the children inside without any of the guards setting off the alarm (located near the center of the ground floor). When you reach the warehouse, you’ll find one guard at the entrance. Wait until he moves away temporarily and climb up the wall on the east side of the entrance. You’ll see a doorway when you reach the roof. Head through the doorway and take down the guard inside.

Open the item box right next to the doorway, then move northwest past the crates, ignoring the large opening in the floor. When you reach the stairs, head down cautiously to ensure you’re not spotted by the guards below. On the next floor down, there’s a guard to the south and your primary target, the foreman, patrolling the east side of the floor.

Wait for the foreman to move away from the guard, then take the guard down, followed by the foreman. With both enemies down, free the children in the southern corner. Head back over to the stairs you just came down and move down the next flight of stairs to find another guard below. Take him down, then collect the item box loot on the west wall and circle around to take down the other guard and clear this floor.

There are two more guards on the bottom floor. You can do this one of two ways. You can stay on the current floor and allow the guard on the northeast side to see you. Once he does, move around to the stairs and wait for him to investigate, then take him down. Alternatively, you can carefully move down the stairs and over to the guard to take him out. While doing this, watch out for the guard at the entrance, as his patrol is a little harder to avoid coming down the stairs. Once you’ve taken out both guards on the ground floor, free the last set of children to complete the memory.

Abberline, We Presume

Open your map and mark the waypoint for this memory, then head over to the waypoint to begin. Head back up to the rooftop and make your way over to the next waypoint, which designates what is considered high ground for the purpose of this memory.

When you reach the waypoint you’re instructed to kidnap Homer Dalton. You’ll earn better rewards if you take him alive, so let’s try to use non-lethal force, shall we? Locate the carriage, which is a green circle on your map. There’s one guard standing directly between Homer and the carriage. It’s best if you take him out first, but depending on when and where you take Dalton, you can take him to the carriage without getting the attention of the guards.

Dive into the hay directly below the waypoint and wait for Homer and the numerous guards surrounding the area to turn their back on you. Use Eagle Vision so you know the position of every enemy you need to avoid. Once they’re all looking away, quickly sneak up behind Dalton and kidnap him. In most cases Dalton will be very close to the hay when the coast is clear.

Once you have Dalton, you need to walk him over to the carriage, which is the next waypoint on the map. Occasionally you’ll need to restrain him or he’ll struggle free. If this happens, chase after him to get him back into your custody. Move Dalton into the carriage, then drive the carriage to the next waypoint, which is the delivery location. This completes the memory and leaves only the Templar Hunt and Gang Stronghold left in order to conquer Whitechapel.

Templar Hunt: Harold Drake

Mark the Templar Hunt on your map and head to the next waypoint, which is the building where Harold Drake is located. Once you arrive you need to assassinate Drake, and for bonus points you should do it by detonating a crate of dynamite.

Remember that gun you received earlier? It’s time to put that weapon of mass destruction to good use. Use Eagle Vision to scout the area and remove any guards that would see you if you climb to the top of the large stack near the middle of the room. There’s only one guard to the left who is close enough to see you, so take him out, then wait for Drake to turn his back to you and climb up the stack. When you reach the top, pull out your gun and shoot the crate of dynamite right next to Drake. Escape the area to complete the hunt.

Gang Stronghold: Spitalfields

Mark the stronghold on your map, then head to the waypoint, which is the stronghold itself. Enter the stronghold from the northwest corner. There are a few police officers here, but they won’t bother you. Head up the stairs to the east and move around to the alley where a guard is patrolling. Take down the guard, then proceed to do the same to the guard in the courtyard to the west.

Open the item box on the south side of the courtyard, then watch for the lookout patrolling the south side of the alley. When the lookout moves away, head down the alley, past the group of children and wait by the outhouse for the lookout to walk by again. Assassinate the lookout so you don’t have to worry about reinforcements being called in.

That takes care of the first three Blighters. Take out the next one in the courtyard to the east, then head inside the first building here to find another Blighter upstairs. Go back outside and continue east to find two more Blighters. Move up the stairs to get behind them, then climb on top of the fence and perform a Double Assassination to take them out in style (or just kill them normally).

Free the Clinker nearby then continue up the stairs to the north to find a sniper patrolling at the top. Wait until she looks away then take her out. The last two Blighters are located to the northwest. You can easily take out the closest one by climbing to the top of the adjacent building and diving into the hay by the Clinker or simply performing an Air Assassination.

Whichever death penalty you choose, the final Blighter is guarding more Clinkers to the west. Climb up on top of the building to the north of the Blighter to get a good angle for another Air Assassination. Take the Blighter down to fee the last Clinker and complete your objective.

Gang War: Whitechapel

Once you’ve completed all of the Sequence 3 memories, as well as the Templar Hunt and Gang Stronghold quests in Whitechapel, you unlock the Gang War. Select this on your map to create a waypoint (you may already be there if you just completed the Gang Stronghold quest).

Engage the Blighters alongside your Clinker brethren, then walk toward Henry Green to accept this mission. After a few tutorial screens about leveling up and the like, it’s time for another gang fight. You and your gang must defeat 10 Brighters, which won’t take long, then run after the train as your target, Rexford Kaylock, departs.

Board the train and climb to the top to face off against a few more Blighters. Once they’re down, head over to Rexford to finish the job.

Speak with Agnes standing directly in front of you, then turn around and interact with the safe. Move into the next car and examine the Gang Upgrades map. Buy the medicine market upgrade (the only option available), then browse the other upgrades that have been unlocked, if you so choose. Exit back to the main game and mark the next sequence memory on your map.

Freedom of the Press

When you reach the starting point of this memory, you meet Alexander Graham Bell. Shockingly, he needs your assistance. Drive Bell to Big Ben and use your new Rope Launcher to reach the top of the famous clock, where the next waypoint is located. Install the fuse, then head to the next install site. If you wish to complete the optional challenge, simply use the Rope Launcher to create a grappling line running across the top of the buildings as you make your way from fuse box to fuse box. As long as you don’t get close to the ground, you’ll complete the optional challenge.

Once you’re done installing the three fuses, head back to Bell and speak with him. Head to the closest stash of metal components (of the two marked on your map) and move to the rooftop of the building directly east of the loot. From here you can grapple to the adjacent building to the west and use an air assassination to take out the western-most guard when the others have their back turned. You can then wait behind the small wall here to take out any other guards that come to investigate the body.

When no other guards come to investigate, grapple up to the ledge so you’re hanging just over the loot, then use an Air Assassination on the last guard. Collect the loot then make your way to the second waypoint. This one is a bit more closely guarded. The easiest way to handle it is to simply attack all the guards at once, but if you have enough patience you can pick off the guards on the outer edges, then use the Rope Launcher to hang above the other guards and take them down.

However you choose to end the lives of these poor souls, collect the loot then craft the first upgrade for the Smoke Bomb and Throwing Knife in the crafting menu. Head to the next waypoint, which is Bell’s workshop, to complete the memory and the sequence.

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