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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Sequence 1: A Spanner in the Works – Assassinate Rupert Ferris

by Bryan Dawson

Sequence 1 of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate begins with players searching for and then killing Rupert Ferris. They will sabotage the machines, find the Steel Forge entrance and then escape by train.

A Spanner in the Works

You find yourself standing on the second floor of a vast industrial warehouse. Your target is 64 meters dead ahead, but you won’t be able to take such a direct route. Instead, head to the left (east) and into the room ahead. Pass by the large table on the right and through the next doorway in the far corner. Continue past the children working in the next room and go up the stairs directly ahead. When you reach the top of the stairs, run out onto the ledge to initiate a jump to the far side.

Head to the right and over the pile of wood. Drop down to the area below and head to the left to reach the door and your next destination. Free Run up the ramp to the right and continue to Free Run straight ahead as you parkour your way to the far side of the room. Sabotage the machines at the next waypoint, then Free Run directly ahead to reach the balcony on the far side. Head left past the two men and Free Run up the next ramp and across to the adjacent balcony. Walk past the two men to the left to reach the next sabotage point.

Continue around to the left side of the sabotage point and cross the wooden plank. Head right, past the first gentleman, to reach the final sabotage point just before you reach the second factory worker.

At this point your target will walk directly below you, giving you an easy air assassination. Kill him and you automatically walk outside to fight three thugs. This is more of a fighting tutorial than anything else. Once they’re taken out, head toward the door and open it.

Head left and climb up the wooden structure, then continue to the right to climb up the pile of wood. Free Run over to the crane platform and climb up to the top to reach the next waypoint. There are several guards ahead dressed in red coats. You need to make your way to the next waypoint without letting the guards detect you.

You can sneak past most of the guards and knock out enemies you can’t easily avoid. Remember that even if you’re spotted, it takes several seconds for a guard to recognize you. Take this time to move back into hiding so you’re not fully revealed. However, in the case that a guard spots you, move out of his sight and continue to stay hidden as he looks around for you, and he will eventually lose sight of you and cease his pursuit.

When you reach the last four guards before the next waypoint, knock out or assassinate the first two, then sneak around to the south and fight the last two. If you’re very careful you can sneak past these two, but it’s far easier to simply fight them both.

Pull the chain at the waypoint to open the entrance to the factory. Take care of the two guards directly ahead, but ignore the third guard ahead. Move around to the right (north) side of the factory to find two more guards. The best way to take them out is to whistle to get the attention of the closest guard, then assassinate or knock him out when he investigates the noise. Repeat this process for the second guard, then head west to find a makeshift ladder embedded in the brick wall.

Climb up the ladder until you reach the very top, then move around to the right until you can climb up to sit on top of the beam. Free Run across to the next beam, then move to the right and perform an air assassination on the guard below.

Continue through the doorway directly ahead, but don’t go down the stairs. Instead, look to the left and Free Run Up to climb on top of the railing, then proceed to jump to the next beam in the middle and finally over to the last beam at the end. Jump to the right to reach the next balcony.

Circle around the outside of the room, climb up onto the guard rail at the end and then Free Run across to the lamp and then over to the far side. Drop down and make your way up the stairs to the left to reach the next waypoint. In the next room, continue to the right and through the door at the end to watch another cut scene.

You can take the path down the stairs to the right (west), but you’ll encounter guards below (use Eagle Vision to discern the location of the guards). Instead, follow the walkway to the left to avoid a confrontation. When you reach the end of the walkway, climb up onto the guard rail and jump across to the metal wall to the left of the large steel container.

Climb up to the top of the wall, then jump across to the beam on the right and drop down to the balcony on the left. Make your way past the gentlemen ahead and through the doorway to the left (south). Take out the guard just ahead and continue through the doorway to the left. When you reach the end of the balcony, climb onto the guard rail and Free Run across the beams and hanging lamp to reach the far side.

Jump across to the brick structure to the right and circle around until you reach the wooden plank. Walk to the end of the plank, then jump to the wall ahead and climb to the ledge above. Jump across to the adjacent beam to get a nice angle on an air assassination of Rupert Ferris.

Head through the doorway to the west and continue through the next door to the left. Keep moving through the factory until you reach the exit. Quickly drop down onto the train below and take out the guards who attack.

Finish off the guards to watch another cut scene, then climb down the wooden platform. Free Run across to the next train car and continue to make your way down to the ground to complete the Sequence.

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