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Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag Guide- How to Complete Sequence 11

by Bryan Dawson

Memory 01: To Suffer Without Dying

Sidebar: Optional Objectives

– Sabotage alarm bells (3)

– Visit old friends (2)

You find yourself back in Abstergo. Head down the hallway, following the location marker. When you reach the security camera, enter the code: 5, 7, 7, 3. Walk down the hall to the left until you reach the terminal location, then enter the code: 7, 7, 7, 3. Initiate remote hacking to play Frogger again! Head back to your desk to get your pirate on once more.

After an interesting cut scene, press any button to shake your cage until another cut scene begins. Now that you’re free, it’s time to play Metal Gear again. Follow your savior, staying hidden from the guards, and stopping to disable the alarm bells if you wish to complete the optional objective.

The plan is to make it to the prison door. It’s in your best interests to take out a few guards on the way there and loot them for ammo and weapons, but you should have darts available as well. Once you’re inside the prison, you’re tasked with finding Mary and Anne.

You’ll find Vane in the southeast corner of the first big room. Interact with him to partially fulfill the optional objective. Make your way through the prison, using stealth tactics to take down the guards until you spot Mary and Anne. Interact with their cell to initiate a cut scene. Head toward the exit with Mary to initiate another cut scene. Head out of the prison and meet up with the others for one last cut scene to complete the mission.

Memory 02: Delirium

Stumble forward during the save screen, then again as Roberts walks away. Crawl toward Roberts during the next cut scene. As you find yourself underwater, swim to the top, ignoring the sharks. Walk toward the man talking, then walk around the area killing all of the images of Roberts in the crowd to complete the mission.

Memory 03: …Everything Is Permitted

Sidebar: Optional Objectives

– Use the rope dart to hang guards (2)

– Use the rope dart to pull guards (3)

When you finally awake in Kingston, head to the wheel of the Jackdaw, then on to Tulum. You can fast travel there, or take your time plundering and pillaging. When you reach Tulum, head toward the mission start point to begin.

Follow Al Tabai to obtain the rope dart, then head for the shore. Kill any soldiers you come across along the way. When you reach the beach, you are tasked with killing 20 soldiers and the captain. If you use your rope dart, you can complete the optional objectives.

To skip the mayhem on the beach, head to the side and dive in the water. Make your way toward the ship, but use stealth swim as you get close. Take out the captain and the soldiers on the ship (start with the gunman to make it easier), then go back to the beach if you’re still shy of the 20 soldier target. Once the captain and 20 soldiers are dead, the mission is complete.

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