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Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag Guide- How to Complete Sequence 10

by Bryan Dawson

Memory 01: Black Bart’s Gambit

Sidebar: Optional Objectives

– Stay out of combat

– Use a rope swing to kill the captain

Head back to the Jackdaw and sail southeast to the start of your next mission. Your first objective is to locate the Portuguese ship. Sail south to find a number of ships. Luckily, the Portuguese ship is the first one you see. The next objective is to steal the Portuguese flag, and if you’re looking to complete the optional objective as well, you need to do so without getting into a fight. Now where’s the fun in that?

Stealth swim over to the Portuguese ship and around the to the back side. To save time, you can climb up the side closest to the Jackdaw, then move your way around the ship while you hang off the edge. Once you get to the far side, assassinate the guard in the middle of the ship, closest to the outer railing where you’re hanging.

Climb up the ropes on the right and use a sleeping dart on the enemy on the far side before taking out the lookout right in front of you. Continue to climb until you reach the flag, then take it for your own. Drop down to the sail just below, then dive off the ship and into the water. Stealth swim toward the Jackdaw until you’re clear of the restricted area.

Take the wheel of the Jackdaw with your next objective to locate the Nosso Senhor ship. With the Portuguese flag, it’s difficult for the other ships to spot you, but not impossible. Small lines extend from the front of each ship on the radar. Avoid crossing these lines and you won’t be detected.

As soon as you enter the objective area, you spot men moving cargo onto a small island. Swim toward the island, but keep your distance. Swim around to get closer to where the loot is, but do not get any closer than 35 meters to the loot. When you see a guard tower, stealth swim directly to it and hide in the brush just below.

There are two guards patrolling in close proximity. When the guard on the left moves away and the guard on the right is not looking in your direction, climb the ladder to reach the top of the guard tower and assassinate the guard. Look below and shoot berserk darts into the two brutes, then air assassinate the one remaining guard if it’s not one of the brutes (if it is a brute, then he’ll pass out). Take the loot, then quickly head back to the ship (which is on its way to pick you up). The loot you were after wasn’t there, and you need to tail the ship once more.

Follow the ship, once again navigating away from the small lines extending from the front of each enemy ship. When you get close, another short cut scene indicates that you need to leave the Jackdaw once more to clear the lookouts so the ship can make it through.

Swim over to the first lookout tower, but once again keep your distance. Wait until all of the guards closest to you are looking the other way, then move to the brush just right of the tower. There are four guards in the immediate area, plus another two in the watch tower and two more that patrol just beyond the tower to the left. You can whistle in the brush to get each guard one at a time. You need to start at the back of the brush, closest to the water, then move forward with each guard. If you move too far forward, you’ll attract more than one guard, so be careful with how far you move between each whistle.

You can take down three of the four guards in the immediate area. The fourth, the one to the far right by the brute, is not a threat, as he never looks in your direction. With the three potentially dangerous guards down, climb the ladder and double assassinate the two guards at the top of the tower.

Dive back into the water and swim over to the other tower, once again keeping your distance. When you see the front of the wrecked ship near the shore, wait until the guards move away and stealth swim over to it. There’s a patch of brush next to it. Wait there until the coast is clear again, then move forward and to the left to the next patch of brush.

From this vantage point, you can see three guards. One standing off to the left, and two more that walk to the right together. Wait for the two to walk off, which is followed shortly by the sole guard moving off to the left. As soon as he moves, follow him and duck into the brush on the right near the newly spotted guards over by the campfire.

Ignore the two guards by the campfire as they never look in your direction. Wait until the guard you followed heads back and immediately run up the ladder to assassinate the guard at the top.

It’s now time to take control of the ship! There’s a rope just ahead, hanging off of the guard tower. You can see the captain of the ship pacing back and forth on the deck. You need to kill the captain, and if you do it while swinging over via rope, you’ll earn the optional objective as well.

With the captain dead, it’s time to escape with the ship. Unfortunately, while it’s not difficult to make it to the escape point, if you’re under attack at the time, you won’t be able to escape. Good thing this new ship is incredibly armed. A single volley from the mortar will take out any of the ships attacking you. Use it frequently against the ships at a distance. At close range, use the broadside cannons to take down any ship in one or two volleys. If you focus on destroying each ship as quickly as possible, you’ll have little to worry about.

Make it to the escape marker to complete the mission!

Memory 02: Murder And Mayhem

Sidebar: Optional Objectives

– Stay out of combat while finding Hornigold

– Air assassinate Hornigold

Sail north to the next mission start point. The first order of business is to locate the Benjamin. You’ll find the ship around coordinates 233,243, but you have to maneuver around several enemy ships to get there.

Once you’ve located the ship, you must kill Benjamin Hornigold. Before you can do that, you must sink the ship. It doesn’t have much firepower, but it will run. While you’re chasing it, the ship drops explosive barrels that need to be shot or avoided. Stay in close proximity to the ship and use broadside cannons to take it down with ease, or fire mortars from a distance. Either way, it won’t take much to bring down the ship, just make sure to stay away from the other ships in the area.

With the ship down, you have to go ashore to kill Hornigold personally. Swim around to where the row boat is docked and move through the small opening. Directly ahead is a pile of leaves you can hide in. Wait for the guards to pass, then run to the leaves and hide. When the path is clear, run south to the brush near the small cliff.

You can be stealthy here, but there are no optional objectives that require it, so if you’re good at melee combat, run up the hill and take the guards down. If not, you can whistle from the brush to get the attention of the gunman and take him out alone. From there, you can move to the east slightly and climb up the side of the rocks, then take down each guard one at a time.

Head south and climb up the stones to reach the top of the structure. Two guards are at the top level, but neither is close enough to take out while hanging. Run over to them and assassinate the guards, then head west toward your target.

South of the broken bridge is a tree that extends out toward the location of Hornigold. Use the tree to make your way across the chasm. Head to the left side of the island and take out the handful of guards there with darts or a full frontal attack. If you choose a full frontal attack, run all the way to the guard at the back of the structure so you don’t alert Hornigold.

With the guards on the left taken care of, you can easily climb the structure to come up behind Hornigold and assassinate him from the air to earn the optional objective and complete the mission.

Memory 03: The Observatory

Sidebar: Optional Objectives

– Incapacitate all guardians while unarmed

– Incapacitate guardians from stalking zones (5)

Head back to the Jackdaw and sail to the start of the next mission. You must clear the jungle ahead of all guardians. If you wish to complete the optional objectives, you need to do it unarmed, taking out at least five guardians from the veil of cover.

Run forward until you see the brush ahead. Hide in the brush and use Eagle Vision to spot the first guardian. Climb up the tree to the left and run across the branches until you’re close enough to the guardian to take him out from above. Continue to use Eagle Vision to spot the two remaining guardians in the area. You can approach both from above to take them out with ease.

Move around to the next area and use Eagle Vision again to spot two guardians hiding in the brush. Walk up the ramp created by the rocks to reach the tree branches above. Attack the first guardian from the air, then bum rush the second one. Use Eagle Vision again to spot the third guardian. You can sneak up behind him and take him down from the brush.

Use the nearby tree to reach the aerial platform ahead, then use Eagle Vision to spot two more guardians, one on the platform just ahead, and another down below in the brush. Wait until the one on the platform is looking the other way, then run up behind him. Use the tree branches to make your way around behind the other one and take him out from within the brush.

Watch out for the crocodile and use the tree branches to head down the eastern path to find the third guardian. Take him down from above or drop into the brush for a sneak attack. Continue down the path, into the valley below and over toward the cave.

Three guardians await, but they are easily dealt with by sneaking up behind them. There’s another guardian just ahead that is not looking in your direction at all. Sneak up behind him and take him out as well.

Continue through the jungle, taking out the guardians from above or stealthily until you start getting close to the synchronize point and the accompanying structure. There’s one guard on the structure that faces you from time to time. Hide in the brush and wait until he’s no longer facing you, then take him down or hide in the brush right next to the structure if you need more time. Two more guardians are to the right of the structure and can be taken down with ease once the initial guardian is down.

Now that all of the guardians have been taken care of, Roberts finally decides he can take the lead. Follow him until he betrays his comrades (surprising), then pick up the object and continue to follow him.  After a cut scene, swim to the left beyond the pillars and onto the platform just right of them.

Climb up and work your way around until you’re back at the original platform. Climb up the north wall and work your way around toward the opening in the corner. When you reach the end, climb up and move to the adjacent wall where you can climb higher. Move all the way around, then back eject to the other hanging structure and continue to make your way to the opening in the corner.

Run down the path, then slide down the hill until you reach the water. Walk toward the group of people to start a fight that won’t last long. The fight is interrupted by a cut scene which completes the mission.

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