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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Walkthrough: On the Trail of a Killer – Find Herman Schultz

by Prima Games Staff

Things kick off with a brief monologue from Spider-Man, followed by a tutorial that will teach you the all-new Web-Swing mechanics. Take a brief moment to get a feel for things before heading to the objective marked on the screen.

Follow the on-screen objectives to take a picture of the man leaning against the wall. As soon as you do, the pace picks up and you’re thrown into the action. Since this is the first violent encounter of the game, the difficulty isn’t too high. Practice dodging attacks from your enemies while going on the offensive. When the last guy falls, the head thug shows up to join the fight. Continue to follow the prompts on-screen to learn the combat mechanics and neutralize him.

When you receive a new destination, follow the game’s tutorial to learn how to Web Rush, allowing you to quickly move from one point to another without the need to Web-Swing. You can’t make the entire trip using your new skill, but it does come in pretty handy when you need to quickly move around while performing Stealth Takedowns.

Once you arrive at your objective, use your Spider-Sense to locate the three ammo crates, causing their location to display on-screen. Each crate is protected by four thugs, none of which are difficult to take down. Move from crate to crate, getting a feel for the combat and eliminating the opposition. With the last crate secured, you’ll find yourself face-to-face with Herman Schultz.

After a brief cut scene to get the encounter started, follow the instructions to perform an Evasive Roll, then a Web-Pull to disarm Mr. Schultz. With your foe defeated, proceed to run through each of the four questions available on-screen before finishing the conversation, and moving on to Part 3 – Live by the Sword.

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