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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Walkthrough: Power Surge – Electro Boss Fight

by Prima Games Staff

Before getting into the boss fight, you need to destroy the four electric generators indicated on the map and screen. Your only concern are the drones that will be sent after you, so use your Web-Shoot to neutralize them. Move to each generator, using your melee to destroy it, then taking out the drones on your way to the next one. When the fourth generator is down, it’s time to fight to Electro.

Defeat Max Dillon – Electro Boss Fight

When the fight begins, your on-screen instructions are clear: Web-Shoot Electro, then chase him down so you can do it some more. In fact, the first portion of this fight involves following the instructions, including Web Rushing him.

Tackle Electro, delivering some intense melee attacks as you fly through the city. When you hit the ground, use your Web-Shoot to tangle him up, then Web Strike to do serious damage. He will recover and retaliate, so pay attention and be ready to use your Evasive Roll to keep out of danger. Keep repeating this process until he launches you into the air.

While you’re tumbling back to earth, punch the gun in the face a few dozen times. When you hit the ground he decides to fire a few Electric Mines. Chase him down while doing the best you can to dodge them. If you get hit, back up and Web-Swing after him until he finally stops.

The last part of the fight takes place on a fairly small rooftop, and the guy is quick. Avoid his attacks, sneaking in your own strikes when the opportunity presents itself. Just like before, Web-Shoot to restrain him, then move in for some melee shots.

Eventually, Electro will launch you both into the air one last time. Continue to punch him in the face as you fall back to earth, ending the fight and sending you on to Part 13 – The Green Goblin.

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