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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Walkthrough: Live by the Sword – Catch Uncle Ben’s Killer

by Prima Games Staff

This mission begins with Spider-Man needing to hack into a local cellular tower so he can try and track down Uncle Ben’s killer, revealed to be Dennis Carradine in the previous mission.

Head toward the objective on your map, climbing to the top of the tower. Enable your Spider-Sense to locate the three antennas, moving to decrypt each one. When you’re done, open up the map of Manhattan to see a list of petty crimes taking place around the city.

One of the crimes will be highlighted, so head that way to find five thugs begging for a fight. Hop down and take them on, dodging their attacks while taking them on one at a time. Once you defeat a few, one of the bad guys will set fire to a nearby building. Jump through the window and turn on your Spider-Sense to locate trapped civilians in the building. After rescuing the civilian, it’s revealed to be Stan Lee, one of Spidey’s biggest fans.

Following a cut scene, head to the Comic Stand indicated on your map. Explore the shop if you feel like it, exiting when you’re done.

After another cut scene, you’ll receive a new objective marker on your map. Follow it to locate Uncle Ben’s killer, who steals a car and takes a hostage. Use your Web Rush to land on top of the car. Open the back left door and take out the thug in the backseat. Move around to the back of the car, using the Web Pull feature to rescue the civilian inside. Once the hostage is safe, get back on Carradine’s trail.

After finding the crash, use your cell phone to take a picture of the “CK” initials located on the wall nearby to bring the action portion of this mission to an end.

Head back to Aunt May’s house, using your Web-Swing to travel to the train, which is indicated on your map. Once you arrive home, feel free to poke around Peter Parker’s bedroom, taking note of the many costumes in his closet, as well as the Replay Mission option by looking at the photographs on the wall.

When you’ve seen everything, head downstairs to talk to Aunt May who is watching the news. You’ll get interactive conversation options while talking to her, but they don’t have an impact on the story, so progress in whatever way you want.

Once you’re done talking to Aunt May, leave the house to continue on to Part 4 – Raid on Oscorp.

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