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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Walkthrough: Into the Lion’s Den – Take Down the Speedy

by Prima Games Staff

When the mission begins, head to Kraven’s loft to kick off a cut scene. When it’s over, take a short trip to your next objective.

Don’t move from your starting location. There are four low-level thugs rummaging around, and you need to take pictures of each. Use your Spider-Sense to detect their locations, discovering that two of the four are right in front of you. Zoom in with your camera, waiting for the focus to turn from white to green before taking the shot. Once you have the first two, use the rooftops to head towards the others, who are also conveniently bunched up. The roof across the street gives you a good look, helping you complete the final two parts of the objective.

With all four pictures taken, move to the area between where the two groups of thugs were walking and you’ll find a truck delivering some crates. Stay on the rooftops and take a picture of the crate before it’s loaded up. The same concept applies: snap the picture when the focus turns from white lines to green.

Follow the truck through the streets of Manhattan, something that shouldn’t be too difficult at this point of the game. When it reaches its destination, head to the objective marker and enter the hideout.

Drop into the hideout and get ready to practice your Stealth Takedowns. Your Spider-Sense is key here, giving you the locations of enemies and allowing you to sneak up on them. Practice this on the first bad guy, lurking about just at the end of the old subway car. Sneak up on him and follow the prompts on the screen.

Notice the drone nearby? Don’t get too close or it will give you away. If you need to pass by, utilize your Web-Shoot to temporarily blind it.

Continue to move around the area, paying close attention to the Awareness Level in the top left of your screen. If it fills up, you’ll fail, making stealth mandatory. Pick off your enemies one by one, focusing on those who are by themselves or wander off on a patrol. While the task seems daunting, there are only six or seven of them in the area, each providing Spider-Man with a prime opportunity to score the Stealth Takedown.

When the area is clear, go to your objective where you’ll pick up a new suit, one which we decided to stick with through the remainder of the game, as it allows you to heal up when you take damage.

After regaining control, head through another old subway car to your new objective, scoring yet another Stealth Takedown on the poor guard at the bottom.

This will trigger the final section of the mission, requiring that you defeat the Speedy. They are immune to Seismic Blast, so instead go for the Web-Pull and Web Rush, dealing some melee damage when you get close. Once the Speedy falls, you’re on to Part 7 – No One is Safe.

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