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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Walkthrough: The Green Goblin – Green Goblin Boss Fight

by Prima Games Staff

We found the first part of this mission much tougher than the actual boss fight. Turns out, we did not approach it correctly, making things more difficult than necessary.

There are three bombs that you need to reach, pick up and then throw into the river. One of them is on top of the Empire State Building, virtually unguarded. Snag it, take it to the river and toss it into the water.

The second bomb is on the ground, guarded by a couple of armored goons. For this one, we just picked it up and ran away, never messing with the bad guys at all.

The last one is on a low rooftop, guarded by three armored thugs. Before you jump to the roof, use your Seismic Blast to take out the drones above. Then make your way to the roof and start using your Ionic Web to neutralize one guard, moving in for some melee to take him out. Repeat this process a few times for each guard, using the Evasive Roll and counter attacking when necessary. Do not try to use the Seismic Blast on the three guards; it’s nearly useless.

When the final guard falls, take the third bomb to the river to complete this objective. Of course, it’s up to you what order to deal with the bombs. Just make sure you follow our instructions for each to save a few minutes.

Head to Oscorp Tower where you’ll come in contact with three bad guys on gliders. Use your Web-Pull to bring them off the glider, then do some damage with your melee attacks. You have to be careful. Once they hit the ground, you have limited time before they get back on the glider. Pay close attention to the on-screen warning to dodge their attacks. Just keep using Web-Pull and put a beating on them until they’re all eliminated.

The next order of business involves saving three civilians marked on your map and within a few feet of the area you were just fighting in. One by one, get to their locations and deliver them to the safe zone. With that out of the way, it’s on to Harry Osborn and the boss fight.

Defeat Harry Osborn – The Green Goblin Boss Fight

For some reason, the Green Goblin ran about 1,200 meters away. Web-Swing to reach him. Unfortunately, when you arrive he’ll run again. This time, stay on his tail until he reaches the final destination, triggering the main fight.

The Green Goblin loves to throw drones at you. Web-Shoot them if necessary, but a more effective way to deal with them involves using Web-Pull, throwing them back at him to cause damage. You can also use your Web-Shoot against Harry, tangling him up and doing some melee damage while he’s stuck.

Part way through the fight, you’ll end up on the glider with the Green Goblin, racing through the streets and fighting. Follow the on-screen prompts to direct him into buildings, causing damage as you go. After a short period of time, you’ll resume the fight.

Continue to Web-Shoot the Green Goblin, making sure to Web-Pull any of the drones he releases and sending them back his way. Continue to follow this formula as well as dodging his attacks until Harry falls and the battle is over.

Now, on to Part 14 – Maximum Carnage, the final mission in the game.

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