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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Walkthrough: Claws of the Cat – Black Cat Boss Fight

by Prima Games Staff

Your first order of business is to escort a police convoy to safety. Head to the objective marker on the screen and jump on top of the truck.

The Truck Condition is displayed at the top left, so keep an eye on it as you deal with the threats along the way. Your first task will be to Web Rush two turrets up ahead. Just be careful not to over-shoot your target, a problem we had more than once.

Next up is a group of thugs, and while not particularly threatening, they do have weapons, so consider a Web-Pull to disarm them before they can damage the truck.

When asked to look up ahead, use your Spider-Sense to detect several cars with bombs. The convoy will keep moving, so be quick and disarm them as fast as you can. If the convoy passes too closely, they will explode and cause severe damage, if not destroy the truck entirely.

Continue to protect the convoy, disembarking from the truck when necessary until you reach your final destination. While this objective is complete, the mission is far from over.

Make your way to the museum and enter through the roof. You’ll have a large number of low-level bad guys to pummel, but with Stealth Takedowns, you can deal with things quite easily. Just be sure to use your Spider-Sense to detect the locations of the surveillance cameras, taking them out with your Web-Shoot.

Start on the upper floors and work your way down, clearing out the thugs one by one. Even if they see you, it’s nothing you haven’t dealt with before. Switch to melee attacks and take them out the old fashioned way.

How to Beat Felicia Hardy – The Black Cat Boss Fight

Oddly enough, this is one of the more difficult boss fights given Black Cat’s speed. As far as we could tell, she is immune to the Seismic Blast, so use your Web-Pull to bring her close and then hit her with several melee attacks in a row. After you do a bit of damage, focus entirely on avoiding her retaliation until you hit her with another Web-Pull.

Several times throughout the fight, Felicia will flee to another part of the museum. You can either use your Spider-Sense, or listen to the sound of her voice to locate her. Take the opportunity to sneak up on her, using your Web-Pull to get some more attacks in.

Once Black Cat falls, enjoy the mission ending cut scene, then click your way onto Part 10 – My Ally, My Enemy. From here on out, you might want to stick around… every mission has a boss fight.

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