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Alien: Isolation Mission 4: Seegson Communications – Motion Tracker, Access Rewire

by Prima Games Staff

Survive Sevastopol with Prima’s Alien: Isolation Walkthrough.

After gaining control, the first order of business will be to speak with the Synthetic behind the glass. These are also referred to as Androids and Walking Joes. After you finish your brief chat, head down the stairs and follow the hallway all the way around to a room on the far end. Go inside and pick up the Motion Tracker off the desk, then interact with the Sevastolink terminal in the corner. Choose the Utility folder at the bottom of the screen and override the door.

Leave the room and take the door directly on your left, going up the stairs and past the Human Employee Recreation sign. Head through the door at the top and cross the hall, using your Maintenance Jack to pop the lock off another. Grab any supplies in the first room, then head into the adjacent one where you’ll find the Noisemaker V.1 blueprint on the table. Snag it and keep making your way through the adjoining rooms.

When you reach the end of the hall, pull the lever to open the door and take a left. Do not try to go up the stairs, but instead walk past them. Your objective should update to Find Another Way Inside, so use your Access Tuner to hack the door with the Maintenance sign above it.

Head inside that room, loot it, then jump into the ventilation shaft and follow it as far as you can. Upon exiting, your objective will update to Gain Access to the Elevator, Avoid Detection. Head into the door next to the dead body and use the Access Rewire to shut off the camera in the hallway, then backtrack out the door and walk past the camera, going through the Comms Control door and into the elevator.

Stepping off the elevator will update your objective to Contact Verlaine and the Torrens. Grab the map from the right side of the hall and then save your game on the left side of it. Go through the door next to the save game mechanism and up the stairs. Head in the direction of the No Access sign to gather up some supplies, but your main goal is to head to the External Communications area and access the External Comms Link. Once you do that, jump into the ventilation system and follow it to the ground level.

Your objective should update to Find an Alternate Communications Terminal, so exit the vent and turn right, then move right again when you reach a desk a few feet away. Look for a vent in the floor nearby, dropping down into it and exiting before it curves to the left. There are a few Walking Joes in the area, so don’t be afraid to hide under a table before sneaking through a door with the signs Internal Communications and Monitoring Hall above it.

As soon as you go through the door, hang a right and go down the stairs, passing into the Monitoring Hall and sneaking out the door on the opposite side of the room from where you entered. This will take you to another hall, so cross it and go into the door with Human Employee Recreation written above it. You’ll know you’re on the right track if your objective updates to Reactivate Samuel’s Communication.

The next room that you enter should have a table, counter and a few vending machines, plus a door on your left as you enter. Be careful about going behind the counter. There’s a wounded Synthetic there.

Exit that room to find yourself in another hallway, this time looking at a large room with several windows providing a view inside. Head to your left and then go through the door with the Internal Communications sign above it, then head up the stairs to the center of the room and complete the three mini-games. We’d love to tell you how to do this, but the game changes for each player, so just follow the on-screen instructions for all three.

Are you ready to throw your controller or keyboard out the window? Remember back at the beginning of Mission 3: Encounters when you stepped off the transit car? Well, you are about to sneak all the way back to that point, avoiding the hostile Synthetics, the Alien and whatever else the developers added to trip you up.

When the cut scene ends, your objective will be to Return Through Seegson Comms to Escape. Look over your right shoulder (about four or five o’clock if you want to be specific), and go through the door and into a small room. Save your game if you desire, then grab the EMP V.1 off the table. Move through that room and into the next, climbing in the ventilation shaft to the left of the door.

Exit that ventilation shaft and look for another that sits to the right of the room’s exit. Jump inside and follow it until you find yourself in the hallway just outside Internal Communications. Go up the stairs and turn to your right, going into the Human Employee Recreations door where the Synthetic was wounded behind the counter..

This is where you need to be very careful, as there are Walking Joes on patrol, and if they see you, they will bring all kinds of harm your way. Whip out your Motion Tracker and keep tabs on them, exiting Human Employee Recreation and crossing the corridor to go through the Monitoring Hall door.

Pass directly through this room and exit out the door on the opposite side, then go up the small set of stairs and turn to your left. Head into the Comms Control area and backtrack the exact same way we originally brought you through this room, passing through the ventilation shaft and emerging out of the floor. Make your way to the elevator and use it to return to the Comms Security Surveillance area.

You’re now back in the hallway where you disabled the security camera some time ago. Just like before, hop into the ventilation shaft and retrace your steps, taking extra care to be as quiet as you possibly can.

You’ll exit the ventilation shaft in the Maintenance room, so leave there and take a peek toward where the Walking Joe was in the control booth. He will patrol that hallway, so wait for your opportunity and then sneak forward, going through the Human Employee Recreation room on the right. Follow that hallway all the way around to the opposite door, then cross the hall and head into the Reception area.

Consider saving your game before descending the stairs, coming out next to the room where you originally picked up the Motion Tracker, then turning left and making your way back to the mission’s starting point. There are likely to be at least two or three Androids in the area, so use the ditches off to the side of the corridor to avoid them. If you get stuck, toss a Noisemaker in the opposite direction of which you want to go, then make your escape back to the elevator to take you back to the Lorenz Systech Lobby.

You’ll emerge in the area where the four humans hunted you in Mission 3: Encounters, and your objective will update to Take Transit to Scimed Tower. The room will be empty, save for a few not quite dead Synthetics and one angry Alien. If you see a Synthetic, just avoid them. To keep the Alien from showing up, crouch and slowly make your way to the door on the opposite side of the room from where the elevator delivered you. There should be a sign above it with an arrow pointing to the Transit Station.

Head into the hallway and take a right, passing through a door and into the Towerlink Transit System. Go down the stairs and head to Towerlink 01 on the left hand side. The transit should have already been called and will arrive momentarily. Use your Motion Tracker to avoid any Walking Joes, then hop on the transit and ride it to Solomons Habitation Tower.

Exit the transit and look to your left to find a save game terminal. Just a thought, but if you want to do some exploring, now would be the time. There are stairwells all around you, and although we didn’t mess with the exploration options in this area, you can always reload from your last save if anything goes horribly wrong.

No matter what you decide to do, when you’re all done, feel free to hop aboard Towerlink 03 and ride it to SCIMED Tower, ending this mission.

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