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Titanfall Tips: How to Use the Stryder Titan

by Prima Games Staff

As the saying goes, speed kills. That is as true in Titanfall as it is with anything, especially when it comes to the Stryder Titan. Featuring maximum ratings for Speed and Acceleration, it is the fastest Titan you can choose. The Stryder is unlocked by completing the Militia campaign, while the Ogre can be obtained by completing the IMC campaign.

The Stryder Titan has only one weakness, a low durability rating. This led us to presume that we wouldn’t find it as effective as the Atlas or Ogre. That’s not the case at all. The speed of the Stryder is so dominant, that in the right hands, it can literally run circles around other Titans. 

Each Titan has a Core Ability, with the Stryder’s being Dash Core. In addition to being able to Dash three times, Dash Core causes this to become unlimited for a short period of time. This is an excellent way to carry the enemy flag back to your base in Capture the Flag, or simply duck behind cover to avoid attacks from other Titans.

Although the Stryder can be used in melee fights with Ogre and Atlas Titans, this isn’t wise. They Stryder is good at not getting hit, but when it does, the damage is devastating. If you do find yourself going toe-to-toe with another Titan, be sure to Dash left and right to avoid damage before counter attacking.

For more information on Titanfall, be sure to check out the Official Game Guide. To see the Stryder in action, click on the video below.

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