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Titanfall: How to Use the Ogre Titan

by Prima Games Staff

Each time we take a new Titan for a spin, we find our new favorite mechanical monster. Almost like a car dealership, Titanfall has something for everyone. Today, we have tips to help you master the Ogre Titan.

The Ogre Titan is unlocked by completing both the IMC and Militia portions of the multiplayer campaign. You don’t have to win every match, just make sure you complete all nine of the missions. When you finally get into the main battle tank of Titans, try gearing up with some of our load out suggestions.

For your Primary Weapon, consider taking the Triple Threat. It launches beach ball sized grenades ideal for clearing buildings, taking out clusters of opposition and will explode on armored contact. Up close, there is no better option.

For your Titan Ordnance, we normally suggest the Cluster Missile and this will be no different. It will fire an initial missile that will explode on impact, followed by several secondary explosions. Just like the Triple Threat, this is a great way clear buildings and deal heavy damage to enemy Titans.

Although cases can be made for other options, for our Tactical Abilities we always go with the Vortex Shield. It gives players the versatility to deploy a shield at any time, always keeping it in front of you no matter what direction you happen to turn.

Titans also receive the option to choose two Tier Kits. For the Ogre’s Tier 1 Kit, we went with Nuclear Ejection. Since the Ogre specializes in up close and personal engagements, this option means you will keep dealing damage even after your Titan explodes. For your Tier 2 Kit, the Big Punch is another close quarters no brainer. It deals very heavy damage, knocking opposing Titans off balance, often finishing with violent melee kills.

As we’ve mentioned a few times now, make sure to use this Titan in close quarters. Think about avoiding maps that have a lot of open terrain. The Ogre’s lack of speed can be a disadvantage. Up close though, its durability, mixed with powerful offensive weapons are deadly. Once proficient with how to use our load out suggestions, expect to take down two and three enemy Titans each time you pilot an Ogre.

For more information on Titanfall, be sure to check out the Official Game Guide, containing both custom loadout suggestions for both Pilots and Titans.

What is your favorite Titan in Titanfall? Let us know in the comments.

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