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Titanfall: How to Get the Most from Titan Melee Strikes

by Prima Games Staff

Titanfall offers plenty of memorable moments. But few are as satisfying as finishing off an enemy Titan (and its Pilot) with a well-timed punch. Titans can perform melee strikes at any time, smashing infantry or pummeling enemy Titans with devastating punches. But when fighting Titans, melee strikes are most effective once an enemy Titan is doomed, having lost its bodyshield and health. When you see the black and yellow striped meter above an enemy Titan, dash forward and throw a punch to perform an epic finisher, killing the opposing Pilot before they can eject.

Each Titan has a unique melee finishing move. The Atlas punches into the enemy Titan’s hull, grabbing then throwing the enemy Pilot to their death. The Stryder performs a similar finishing move, but instead of throwing the enemy Pilot, it simply squeezes them, leaving nothing behind but a red mist.  The Ogre tears off the enemy Titan’s arms and uses them to deliver a devastating beatdown, killing the unfortunate enemy Pilot trapped inside.

Although satisfying, you must also prevent your Titan from falling victim to such demoralizing attacks. For starters, always monitor your bodyshield and health status. If a fight isn’t going your way, immediately retreat, at least until your bodyshield can recharge. Or if your Titan is doomed, dash away from enemy Titans and immediately eject; consider deploying Electric Smoke to prevent enemy Titans from chasing after you. Equipping the Auto-Eject Tier 2 Kit is also a guaranteed way to avoid these embarrassing attacks. With this kit equipped, your Pilot automatically ejects when your Titan is doomed, giving enemy Titans no opportunity to perform a melee finisher. This kit also temporarily cloaks your Pilot, increasing your chances of survival.

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