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Titanfall: Critical Hits

by Prima Games Staff

Looking for a way to gain the upper hand during Titan battles? Then look for the red, glowing section on a Titan’s hull; this is their weak spot. Target these vulnerable sections to score critical hits. Upon sustaining critical hits, a Titan’s health decreases rapidly. However, weak spots are only visible once a Titan’s bodyshield is fully depleted. Not all Titan weapons are capable of scoring critical hits. If you’re carrying the Quad Rocket or another Titan weapon with less than stellar precision, you won’t see the red glowing sections on a Titan’s hull. But if your Titan is equipped with a more precise weapon, like the 40mm Cannon or X0-16 Chaingun, you’ll have an easy time picking apart Titans by scoring critical hits. Some Anti-Titan weapons are capable of scoring critical hits too.

But critical hits work both ways. So always monitor the status of your Titan’s bodyshield, visible just above the health meter. Once your bodysheild is depleted, you’re vulnerable to sustaining critical hits. As soon as your bodyshield is gone, immediately disengage and find cover, allowing your shield to regenerate. While retreating, consider deploying Electric Smoke to deter enemy Titans from pursuing you. Once your shield has fully recharged, resume the attack. When engaging a skilled enemy Pilot, it may take several engagements to take out their Titan. So remain patient and keep chipping away at their Titan’s health while constantly monitoring your own Titan’s bodyshield.

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