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Titanfall: Challenges

by Prima Games Staff

If you had the opportunity to play the Titanfall beta chances are you completed some challenges without even realizing it. But exactly what are challenges? These are optional objectives, requiring players to complete a variety of tasks in exchange for bonus XP, weapon mods/attachments, and burn cards. Each challenge is comprised of five tiers; rewards are issued upon completion of each tier.  Rewards differ from one challenge to the next. But you can usually count on getting some bonus XP for each tier you complete, helping you level-up faster. When Titanfall is released next month it will include more than 190 challenges with five tiers each. That’s over 950 tiers to keep you busy.

But beyond the rewards, completing challenges offers insight into some of the unique gameplay mechanics Titanfall has to offer. For instance, you may have never thought of riding around on a friendly Titan, but the Shoulders of Giants challenge rewards you for doing so. Or how about killing enemies while hanging from a wall? The Wallflower challenge has got you covered. Then there’s the Gooser challenge, rewarding you for killing enemy Pilots while they’re ejecting from their doomed Titan. Simply browsing through the challenges may be enough to inspire a new tactic you want to try in your next match.

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