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How to Use Burn Cards in Titanfall

by Prima Games Staff

We’re only a few days into the Titanfall beta, so it’s understandable that many people don’t know what Burn Cards are, or how to use them. Still, if we didn’t do our part to inform the community, we wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. All right, you busted us, we can’t sleep at night because we’re all hopped up on caffeine and playing Titanfall. Regardless of our motives, if you don’t know how to use Burn Cards, it’s in your best interest to continue reading.

Players can access the Burn Cards in the pre-game lobby. Once open, you can choose three cards that you want to make available in your next match. Between the three cards that you take in-game and the ones available in your arsenal, you can have a total of 26 cards. It’s important to manage those, so be sure to use cards each game. Once you hit your maximum of 26, you’re missing out on earning great cards that could benefit you in future matches.

Burn Cards are earned through completing challenges and playing the game. Using certain weapons is likely to unlock related cards faster. Still, depending on your play style, you might not have a use for a few of the cards. We aren’t big fans of the cards related to pistols, so we tend to discard them to make room for things such as the Reserve Ogre and Pull Rank cards. The Reserve Ogre will spawn you inside of an Ogre Titan — not currently available in the beta — while the Pull Rank card will knock 80 seconds off the four-minute build time for your next Titan.

Equipping Burn Cards at the beginning of a round takes a bit of urgency. Should you spend a little too much time in the menu choosing your Pilot and Titan load outs, you’ll miss the chance to equip a card before spawning into the game. It’s not the end of the world.  You can pick one of three available Burn Cards when you die, prior to your next respawn. Of course, try to use them wisely, since cards only last for one life, and you can only bring three into each match.

Whatever type of player you hope to be in Titanfall, Burn Cards are an excellent way to enhance your skills and get a leg up on the competition. To take strategy to the next level, try coordinating what cards you plan to use with your team. A great example of this is having several members of your party equip the Pull Rank card prior to your first spawn. This will increase your chances of getting several Titans before your opponents, giving you a massive advantage. Check out this strategy in action.

For more information on Burn Cards, be sure to check out our video below where we explain them in even more detail. In addition, be sure to check back to Prima Games frequently for our ongoing coverage of this year’s most anticipated shooter.

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