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How to Unlock the Ostrich and Giraffe in Goat Simulator

by Prima Games Staff

Goat Simulator just keeps getting better. Not only can you play as a goat, you can also play as a giraffe and an ostrich. While today’s video only shows the ostrich, the steps to unlocking the giraffe are here as well. In fact, they are the same steps, just a few less.

In order to unlock the giraffe, you must collect five goat statues from around the world. For the ostrich, the number jumps to 10. While slightly more difficult to find, that’s why we’re here. Check out our list of 10 locations where you can find a goat statue, then watch the video to see the ostrich in action.

Goat Statue Locations

  • Inside the small tower with the spiral stairs near your spawn. It’s behind the goat sitting in the cubby hole half way up.
  • The house directly behind you when you spawn. It’s in one of the upstairs bedrooms.
  • On top of a small brick structure with two large pipes coming out of it, near the main road and on the same side as your original spawn.
  • At the top of the diving board at the large community swimming pool.
  • On top of the construction site. Jump off the diving board at the pool and use the trampoline to reach this area. You can also jump off the crane to do this.
  • There’s a large air vent out in the field near the crop circles. You can find the statue on the back side of the vent.
  • Not far from the previous statue, this one can be found on the ground near a combine and car in the field.
  • Inside a greenhouse, on the same side of the road as the community swimming pool. You will find it laying on the ground.
  • Near the swimming pool again, on top of the building with the bell. You can jump up there with the trampoline. It’s under the bell but very difficult to reach.
  • On top of the low gravity building, inside one of the spinning vents. Easiest way over there is by using the Angel Goat modification from your main menu. Jump off the highest level of the crane and press R to float to the rooftop.
  • Inside the hanging shipping container by the construction site. It’s in the back. You can drop down off the crane to reach it, or use the Angel Goat to float over there from the trampoline on top of the construction site.

In case one is too difficult for you to find, that’s a total of 11. It takes practice, but once you get the hang of it they are fairly accessible. Check out our video below for some examples.