Race Info

Number of Players:  1-16
Rank Required: 1
Type: Land Race
Vehicles: Any Class
Distance: 1.44 miles
Terrain: Street

The Quick 'n Quarrelsome race in GTA Online seems to have been named for two reasons. The first is that it's a very short race, with each lap clocking in at only 1.44 miles. The quarrelsome part extends from the fact that the route is filled with hidden jumps, sharp turns and an overall difficult journey from start to finish.

You can use any class of vehicle, but it's best to select a ride that has good traction. Even though this route is entirely comprised of paved streets, you'll catch air quite a few times, and the sharp and tricky turns will make a high traction rating necessary if you want to avoid spinning out or fishtailing.

Every turn in this race should be approached with at least cautionary braking. You don't have to let off the gas in most cases, but you need to at least tap the brake a few times. If you're not confident in your ability to control the car, you can hold the brake and gas at the same time, or simply let off the gas. However, if you just let off the gas, you have to steer carefully to avoid fishtailing.

When you head up the first hill, be careful when you reach the right turn at the top. If you hit the top of the hill too fast, you'll catch air. This makes it difficult to get a clean turn and avoid the buildings ahead.

The next hill is even steeper, with a more defined jump at the top. Even at low race speeds, you'll still catch air at the top of the hill. When you hit the next turn to head downhill, you'll run into the same problem with a small jump as you round the corner. It's important to manage your speed well so you can accelerate as soon as you straighten out.

You can take the next few turns with moderate braking, but when you see the underpass, take caution. It's a sharp turn, but you have a wide road leading into the turn. This allows you to take the turn at a wide angle if you're concerned with hitting it at a decent speed. The underpass is narrow, so you need precision when entering the turn.

When you come out of the underpass, a jump awaits at the end of the road. Take the right side for the jump to avoid hitting the curb when you land. You need a decent amount of speed here, but it's not the end of the race if you don't hit the jump at optimal speeds.

The next two turns are sharp, back-to-back encounters that basically force you to hit the brakes. Again, you can muscle through by pressing the gas even while braking, but you can't fly through these two turns.

The last turn of the race is one that works very well if you can brake and get a 90 degree turn, then hit the gas, forcing the car to straighten out for the last straight-away. Stay on the inside after the near hairpin turn to avoid any lost time changing lanes to hit the finish.