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GTA 5 Online: Rockstar Verified Races- Over the Hill II Tips

by Bryan Dawson

Race Info

Number of Players:  1-16
Rank Required: 1
Type: Bike Race (Motorcycles)
Vehicle: Sanchez
Distance: 3.16 miles
Terrain: Off-road / Mountain

Before you begin this race, you need to know a bit about the vehicle you’ll be driving. For Over the Top II, you will only be able to use a Sanchez motorcycle. It has decent speed and acceleration, with a traction rating that isn’t great for off-road racing, but it’s high enough to suffice if you’re careful. The biggest concern is the braking stat for the vehicle. It’s relatively low for a motorcycle in general, but when you’re taking on the steep dirt track featured in Over the Hill, which also features sharp declines, braking is important. Because the Sanchez lacks a good braking stat, you’ll need to take the race slow unless you’re an exceptional driver.

The beginning of the race starts off fairly normal. You can actually go full speed through the early turns without worrying too much about losing control of the motorcycle or running off the road. When you reach the bridge, slow down slightly because there’s a minor incline that will cause you to jump at the end of the bridge. If you’re not ready for the jump, you could have a poor landing and lose a few places. If you don’t want to slow down, just make sure your bike is steady and level when you hit end of the bridge to ensure you don’t fly into the bus on the left.

The turn after the bridge should also be taken with caution. The railing along the right side of the bridge can cause a crash that will cost you valuable seconds. This is also an ideal spot for other racers to slam you into the railing and knock you out of the running.

After the next turn is a jump ramp. Take the ramp at full speed and remain level, steering straight ahead as you hit the end of the ramp. The segment after the ramp is mainly uphill, which means your speed will be limited. You want to get up to a nice speed before you hit the uphill section so you can maintain your forward momentum.

As you make your way up the mountain, watch out for the large boulders and blind turns. Any blind turn should be taken with the utmost caution. Most of these will turn into an unforeseen jump if you hit the turn too fast. With nothing beyond these blind turns but open valley, you’ll all but lose the race if you take these corners too fast. It’s better to lose a few seconds by slowing down than to fly off and knock yourself out of the race.

At the first crossroads, take the left road as you continue to slowly make your way up the mountain. Take a left at the next crossroad as well, and continue to push the accelerator to the limit on the small straight-aways, then slow down when you hit the sharp corners. If you have a decent amount of off-roading skill, you can take the wider corners at full speed.

At the next crossroad, take the right path as you begin to reach the peak of the mountain. There’s a deceptive crossroad ahead that requires you to go right. If you go left, you’ll kill a dead end and have to back up or start over at the last checkpoint.

Continue to cautiously make your way around the sharp corners until you hit the long straight-away. You can punch the accelerator here, but make sure you have a steady hand. The slightest error will cause you to fly off the mountain and lose a lot of time.

The last portion of the climb is very steep, but you’re almost to the top. As soon as you reach the peak, you’ll need to watch your speed. There are several long straight-aways ahead, but the road takes a sharp decline that gives you plenty of speed. This can result in missing turns or flying off the path and missing checkpoints. Don’t be afraid to hit your brakes if you’re going too fast, especially if a turn is coming up. You’ll get plenty of air in this section, so be careful when you land as well.

If you get off the beaten path, as long as you’re not too far off the main course, you can quickly get back on track without missing checkpoints or losing much time. Make sure to avoid the boulders and you will be able to make up lost time with relative ease. When you see the street below, you can floor it as you make your way down to the road and the finish line.

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