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GTA 5 Online: Rockstar Verified Races- Jump and Die Tips

by Bryan Dawson

Race Info

Number of Players:  1-8
Rank Required: 1
Type: Land Race
Vehicles: Super or Sports Class
Distance: 1.92 miles
Terrain: Off-road / Street

Jump and Die is a unique but also difficult race. You can choose either sports or super class vehicles, but the terrain is a combination of off-road and street, which means traction is going to play a role. Your best bet is to select the Feltzer in the sports class, and the Entity XF in the super class. Both have the highest traction rating in their respective classes, and that’s going to come in handy during this race.

The race begins with a dirt road that has a minor twist before the first corner. Take this slow because traction will not be good on this road. If you do not respect the small twist, you will fly off the side or possibly turn sideways at the very least.

The first corner is a sharp turn that must be taken slowly. If you go into the corner too fast you will hit the wall and lose precious time. Keep to the left after the turn to avoid the obstruction on the right, then take the next corner slowly to remain in control of your vehicle.

You’re still on a twisting off-road track, so traction still plays a factor. However, you need to gain a good amount of speed before the ramp at the end of the road. Don’t brake, but take your hand off the accelerator as you take the twists and turns of the road leading up to the ramp. After the last mild twist, gun the accelerator to get as much speed as you can before the jump.

When you hit the jump, make sure you remain level in the air by using the analog stick. Your speed will determine where you land, but you should at least make it to the water. The area here is even more difficult to navigate than the dirt road above, so take your time as you make your way to the next checkpoint, then across the water and up the hill.

As soon  as you reach the road, punch the gas through the jump and do not let off until you reach the next corner. You don’t need to brake here, just slow down enough to maintain control of your vehicle through the corner. The road twists slightly until you see a sharp corner with a stop sign ahead.

The corner at the stop sign must be taken slowly. You will have to hit the brakes here, and depending on your level of driving skill, you may even need to come to almost a complete stop as you round the corner. But as soon as you straighten out, hit the gas again so you can make the next jump.

This jump is a tricky one. There are three ramps side-by-side, but you want to aim for the ramp on the right. This may cause your vehicle to turn a bit in the air, but use the analog stick to keep it level. If you don’t hit the ramp on the right, you won’t make it onto the track below and you’ll end up having to take the dirt ramp on the right and driving around, hitting one of the fences, or even having to restart at the last checkpoint.

Once you land, straighten out and continue down the track. This is very loose terrain, so do not make any sharp movements. These turns are easy to take, so you don’t need to slow down, but any sudden steering adjustments will cause you to spin out.

The next ramp is small, but the one after is the last ramp before the finish. It is imperative you take it as straight as possible. If you hit it even slightly off, you’ll lose time when you land. If you can land straight, you can head right into the finish with no time lost!

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