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Goat Simulator – How to Find All 31 Goat Statues

by Prima Games Staff

For players running out of things to do in Goat Simulator, we have a feeling that we might be able to show you a few new tricks the game still has up its sleeve. While almost everyone has stumbled into one or two statues, some of them are nearly impossible to find without help. That’s where we come in. If you’d like to try some of the custom goats, such as the Tall Goat (Giraffe), Feather Goat (Ostrich) or even the Giant Goat (Whale), you’ll need to collect at least 20 statues. However, there is an achievement (Try Hard) for finding all 31, so in the interest of being thorough, we thought we’d tell you how to find them all.

In no particular order…

  • Close to where you spawn, in the small tower with the spiral stairs. You’ll find the statue behind the goat tucked into the cubbyhole.
  • Continue going up the same spiral stairs and into the top level cubbyhole. This will transport you to what looks like a goat ceremony. Go through the double door and look on some crates to the right, the statue is on the crates.
  • Close to your spawn again. Turn around and go into the house and up the stairs. You will find the goat statue on the floor in the corner of one of the bedrooms.
  • Close to your spawn again. Locate a small building with two blowing vents on top near the main road. There is a goat statue on the top of the small building.
  • Launch yourself off of this small building by jumping into the vent on the roof. This will launch you into the air where you can land on the very top of power line structures to collect a goat statue.
  • Go back to the building your just launched yourself off of and do it again. Press the F key on your keyboard to slow down time, landing on the power lines where you’ll find a goat statue.
  • Drop from the power lines and head to the protestors on the opposite side of the road. You can snag a goat statue laying on the ground behind the podium.
  • Look for a greenhouse close to where you found the statue at the protest. On the ground inside the greenhouse you will find another goat statue.
  • Head back to the street, stay on the same side and head in the direction of the gas station. You will find a small opening in a brick fence (next to the street, not far from the greenhouse), walk through it to find a goat statue tucked behind a building.
  • In the warehouse behind the gas station. Enter the low gravity chamber, then float over to the small vent. The statue is in the vent before you are launched into the air. This can take several tries to get.
  • As soon as you get the previous one, land on the roof of the low gravity building. You will see four spinning mechanisms, one of which has a goat statue in the middle. To make things much easier, press F on your keyboard to slow down time.
  • Back into the low gravity building, climb up the ramp and find the goat statue sitting on one of the rafters near the roof. Collecting this can be much easier with the Feather Goat.
  • At the top of the diving board at the community swimming pool. If you have trouble getting up there, maneuver your goat left and right on the ladder until you can progress.
  • Jump off the diving board and to the ground below. You will find your next statue underneath the water slide (right slide while looking at it) near the bottom.
  • Not more than a few feet from the last one, under the same slide but slightly further up the hill. This one is in the dirt next to a rock and some small plants.
  • Climb back up the ladder to the top diving board of the swimming pool. Jump down onto the trampoline and to the roof of the nearby house with a small bell tower on the roof. Inside the bell tower is the goat statue. You must press Q to enter rag doll mode and drop in and collect it.
  • There’s a trampoline behind the water slides and community pool (not in it) which you can use to launch yourself into the air, collecting a goat statue sitting on a branch in a nearby tree.
  • Head to the construction site where you will spot several blue shipping containers at ground level. Look for one close to the road and find the statue inside and at the back of the container.
  • Climb the ladder to ascend the nearby crane. Jump down, bouncing off the trampoline below and landing on the long yellow arm of the crane. This is much easier if you press Q to enter into rag doll mode before hitting the trampoline. Climb up the wire and find the goat statue at the top. This will also unlock the Goat of the Hill achievement.
  • Climb back up the crane, jump back down onto the trampoline and land on the top level of the construction site. You will find the statue near the back on the roof.
  • The easiest way to get this statue is with the Angel Goat. Climb back up the crane, this time to the far end of the arm where the man is sitting near the edge. Jump off, using R to slow your descent, landing in the shipping container suspended in the air. The goat statue is at the back on the ground.
  • Head to the gas station and go into the garage. You’ll find a goat statue against the back wall near the random dude.
  • Pass by the hillbilly race in the field and head for the edge of the map where the fence is. You’ll find a goat statue on the back side and on the edge of the giant hole.
  • Not far away, look for a combine and a car in an area on their own. You will find the goat statue laying on the ground a short distance behind the car.
  • Head to the crop circles and look for an outhouse nearby. You will find the goat statue laying on the ground beside the outhouse.
  • Where the goat fighting is taking place, you can find a goat statue laying on the ground outside the ring. Be careful not to enter the ring or you’ll be in a fight.
  • Look for a tree at the top of a small hill near where the hillbilly race is going on. You can find the statue laying at the base of the tree.
  • At the Coffee Stain Studios building. You can find the statue on the second floor sitting on top of one of the desks.
  • Outside the Coffee Stain Studios building, find the ladder around the side, climb the ladder and jump on the roof to find another goat statue.
  • Behind the giant boulder at the top of the hill and on the same side of the road as Coffee Stain Studios. The statue is on the ground behind the boulder.
  • From where you found the last statue, looking toward the main part of the map, head to your right and find another statue laying on the ground underneath some power lines. It will be in the center of four brick posts and is very difficult to spot.

Once you’ve collected all of the goat statues, you will unlock the Try Hard achievement and should have access to the Tall Goat, Feather Goat and even the Giant Goat.

What statue did you find was the hardest to collect? Let us know in the comments.

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