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DayZ Standalone: How to Fix a Broken Leg

by Prima Games Staff

Still in its alpha phase, DayZ Standalone has already sold more than one million copies. Not bad for an alpha build. Still, through all the bugs and the bare bone experience, it’s one of the most complex games out there. Lose too much blood and you’ll need a blood transfusion. Inject yourself with the wrong type of blood and you’ll die. Eat rotten food and you’ll get sick. You get the idea.

A couple days ago, while watching our good friend ChalkOne stream DayZ Standalone, there was a very unfortunate incident with an axe. Even though nobody was to blame, that didn’t stop ChalkOne from having to crawl around on the ground — and upstairs — while his buddies went looking for the supplies needed to fix him up. 

Hey, if it can happen to ChalkOne, it can happen to anyone. If you end up with a broken leg, you’ll need Wooden Sticks and Rags to craft a Wooden Splint. Of course, once you break your legs, it will be very difficult to find these items. Best make sure you have some handy just in case.

Check out the video below and be sure to stick with us for more news and strategy related to DayZ.

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