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Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught Map Tips – Fog

by Prima Games Staff

It’s safe to say that Fog is the most popular of the four new maps introduced with Onslaught, the first DLC for Call of Duty: Ghosts. That happened as soon as people found out they could play as Michael Myers from the Halloween movies. As fun as that is, winning on Fog is about making the right decisions when it comes to flanking, setting traps and watching your back.

Our video today will show you where people like to hang out, as well as how you can use that to your advantage. Oh, and if you do get the opportunity to play as Michael Myers, be sure to visit the house where there’s always a handful of campers waiting to get hacked to pieces.

What’s your favorite map in Onslaught? Let us know in the comments.

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