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Call of Duty: Ghosts Guard Dog Killstreak Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Call of Duty: Ghosts has a lot of kill streaks for players to choose from. The Guard Dog, also known as Riley from the single player campaign, is not only one of the most heartwarming characters, he’s also one of the deadliest options. He will follow you around, keeping you safe from opposing players trying to sneak up behind you. He’ll even get revenge if you’re killed. When you re-spawn into the game, Riley will make his way across the map — killing anyone in his path — and return to your side.

For the average player, Riley might be the perfect kill streak reward. He can be called in at a modest five kills — four if you use the Hardline perk — and often helps you reach higher rewards.

Five things to keep in mind when calling in the Guard Dog.

  • Riley will growl when there is an enemy nearby.
  • He will whimper if you camp, nobody likes a camper.
  • If you die, he will attempt to avenge your death.
  • When you re-spawn, he will make his way back to your side.
  • Riley only goes away if he’s killed or the round ends.

For players with a few extra bucks burning a hole in their pockets, the Guard Dog can be replaced with the Wolf Skin by purchasing it through the in-game store. It doesn’t change the way it works, but if you’re into wolves, it might be worth your money.

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