After roughly two minutes of playing Unearthed, we rounded a corner only to have some monster like creature run up to us and explode. This isn't the Dome you remember. For what it's worth, Unearthed might be our favorite map of the Devastation DLC for Call of Duty: Ghosts. It features a mix of close and medium range combat that rewards players with intelligence and patience.

If you're looking to unlock the Seekers, it's done the same way as Michael Myers from Onslaught or the Predator from this Devastation pack. Be the first person to complete the map's unique Field Orders and you have your Seekers. Once unlocked and deployed, they will roam the map looking for opposing players, running up to them and exploding to get you a couple of extra kills.

Although we didn't finish the Field Orders ourselves, check out the video to see a close encounter with these terrifying beasts. It didn't end well for us.