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Battlefield 4 Weapon Profile: UMP-45

by Prima Games Staff

The UMP-45 Personal Defense Weapon in Battlefield 4 is one of the most frustrating we’ve used. In fairness, that has as much to do with our play style as it does with the weapon characteristics. This gun has the lowest rate of fire in the PDW family at 600 rounds per minute. The balance comes in the form of damage, where it has a rating of 40. Put into terms everyone can understand, at close range, hitting your target in the chest or higher, this gun will kill in three rounds.

Although the damage is high, this gun is not built for close quarters encounters. At the same time, if you find yourself in the open, it’s not as good an option as some of the Assault Rifles or Carbines. So where does the UMP-45 fit in?

Check out our video below for the full profile on this weapon. Keep in mind, if you have a weapon you want to see featured, be sure to leave us a comment.

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