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Battlefield 4 – Tips to Rank Up Fast with Double XP

by Prima Games Staff

Last weekend, Premium members enjoyed double XP on Battlefield 4. With the announcement of Player Appreciation Month this February, the potential for another two weekends of ranking up quickly has us chomping at the bit. While all players will enjoy at least one double XP weekend, Premium members will get two. This means you can expect a lot more players walking around with the maximum rank.

Because we had so much success last weekend — ranking up from 59 to 78 in two days — we decided to share our secret formula with you. Have a look at our video below for a more in-depth explanation. As a minor video Easter egg, note the Repair Tool kill we got while an opposing player was inside his vehicle. We’ll take it!

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What tips and tricks do you have for ranking up quickly? Share your ideas in the comments below.

Prima Games Staff

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