Teamwork. The most important aspect in competitive FPS gaming is teamwork. One of the biggest parts of teamwork is communication and small talk. You don't have to necessarily be talking your head off. You want to keep things quick and concise with just a simple "I have your help Player435" or "I'm almost to Flag B with a tank, stay alive!" or "There is an enemy in the building north of you". Start out with a little chat and get the feel for it.

Working together with your teammates and attacking from multiple areas is another big factor to teamwork. Running with or near a teammate is great but in certain situations spreading out is even better. For example a teammate takes the attention of the enemies while you make a flank. Although your teammate is being shot at he/she needs to do their best to stay alive as you make your way behind the enemy for some easy kills making you a sneak-e-beaver. The biggest thing to remember is that this is a team game and working together will benefit you and your team immensely.

Before watching today's Tip video keep in mind and notice how much our squad works together. We make moves towards each other and around one another to greater our numbers and give us the advantage. Unfortunately you won't be able to hear how our squad is communicating in game but you'll definitely notice our communication just by the gameplay. So now check out this video of myself and my squad mates using teamwork to bring home the gold!!

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