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Battlefield 4 Scope Zeroing Tutorial

by Prima Games Staff

If you sniped enemies in Battlefield 3, you’ll clearly recall all the guesswork that went into it. First, guessing how far away your target was — or using your SOFLAM — and then trying to figure out how high to aim above his or her head. This made those long-range sniper kills extremely rare. With the addition of the Range Finder and the ability to zero your scope, Battlefield 4 has taken sniping to a new level. Players now have the ability to calculate the exact range of their targets, adjust their scopes for that range and then fire.

If you’re new to the concept of zeroing your scope in Battlefield 4, we put together a guide that fully explains the process. Check out the video and be sure to join the discussion in the comments. We want to hear from you, what’s your longest head shot in Battlefield 4?

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