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Battlefield 4 Beginner Tips – Play With The Pros!

by Prima Games Staff

Last Thursday, ZFarls and SGibs, authors of the Official Madden NFL 25 Players Guide celebrated the launch of Battlefield 4 by teaming up with Prima’s authors of the official Battlefield 4 strategy guide! During this collaboration of pro gamers, many tips, strategies and lessons were doled out not just about Battlefield 4, but about life. Here are the 5 biggest tips from Battlefield 4 Live Stream, check out some of the video highlights here!

5. Respawn Resonsibly!
Learning to stay out of trouble when respawning is key to becoming a better BF 4 player. If you are constantly dying and looking to get revenge by dropping into a hot zone, you will continue to struggle. By paying attention to the radar and map, you can make sure you set yourself up for success in BF4.

Pro Tip: Use the camera in the botton left corner to see your selected teammates view, don’t spawn into danger!

4. Know Thy Weapon.
All weapons and classes have different strengths in BF4! One of the biggest keys is to learn each weapon. For Assault, you will be able to run and gun, but make sure you are constantly tapping the fire button so the recoil doesn’t throw off your aim. With the Recon class, each shot means so much more so don’t give away your position to fire a low percentage shot. With the time it takes to reload, you may not get a chance at a second shot!

Pro Tip: Use down on the d-pad to change your rate of fire!

3. Know The Gametype!
Depending on Gametype, your objective will be completely different. Pay attention to your responsibility on the map and talk to your squad about who is covering what objective. A player who is in great position can easily have a good kill/death ratio as he will have an advantage over players without a plan. Depending on your experience with first person shooters, you may be playing completely new modes. Just remember to take note of the game size, map, and possible vehicles on the map! You need to be ready for anything in BF4!

Pro Tip: Different areas of the Map will be open depending on how big the game is being played!

2.  Learn From The Best

This is a tip we are constantly preaching in Madden NFL too! If you have a chance to play with the best players in the world like Eric “Problem” Wright or Michael “Strongside” Cavanaugh why not take advantage? Both of these players are multiple time tournament champions who have won hundreds of thousands of dollars competing on the biggest stages. Prima has brought them in to share their biggest tips and tricks, why not learn from the best?

Pro Tip: Check out the BF4 eGuide on to learn more about Maps, Vehicles, Weapons and Strategies to Dominate Online in BF4! 

1.    Be A Team Player

ZFarls was constantly finishing ahead of SGibs in the BF 4 stream because he was a team player. SGibs decided to become a loner or “Recon” as he called it, but wasn’t helping the team’s overall mission. ZFarls switched around from beginner recommended Assault class, to Engineer to help against vehicles, to support class! Farls could constantly be seen squatting next to a flag as it changed from orange to blue and that could be the reason they had an undefeated record on the day in Battlefield 4.

Pro Tip: Kills Matter, but so does helping out your teammates by spotting your enemies using RB or R1!

These 5 Tips are just a few of the tips we learned during our BF4 live stream with Prima’s official guide authors, make sure to check out the video to learn the rest of the tips and for even more BF knowledge, check out the official strategy guide!

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