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Watch Destiny Player Solo Crota’s End Raid

by Prima Games Staff

Guardians who feel they are at the top of the skill tree in Destiny will want to take some time to sit down and watch the video we embedded at the bottom of this article. No, it’s not a walkthrough that explains how your fireteam can complete the Crota’s End Raid. Rather, it’s a 33-minute play through of one gamer (not a typo) going solo from start to finish, and dancing almost the entire time.

You read that correctly, a player with the Gamertag sc Slayerage nonchalantly put the whooping on Destiny’s toughest activity, a raid that is designed to be tackled by six players who can effectively work as a team to bring down the meanest foes the game has to offer. Quite frankly, it makes us just a little insecure about our own skills.

How did sc Slayerage manage to pull this off, you ask? Well, for starters he used the Bladedancer sub-class that is available to Hunters, relying heavily on the ability to disappear and become invisible. This allowed him to sneak through the first portion of the raid, The Abyss, avoiding the hoards of Thrall as he lights up the lamps.

After the first leg of the raid things get tough, and our friend actually dies several times while working out what he feels is the best approach. As it turns out, expert aim from his trusty Fatebringer, as well as some precision shots from his special and heavy weapons do the trick. It’s an absolutely incredible run through Crota’s End, and even if most people can’t hope to go it alone themselves, there is a lot to be learned from sc Slayerage.

  • Given that its super abilities weren’t considered ideal for the Vault of Glass, the Hunter class has been viewed as weak by some. All that changed with Crota’s End, as this play through shows the value of the Bladedancer sub-class.
  • Stock up on your Heavy Ammo Synthesis as well as your Special Ammo Synthesis before you attempt this raid. You will also want to pay close attention to the type of elemental damage each of your foes requires.
  • During the first part of the raid, The Abyss, players can jump onto some of the rocks in order to avoid being attacked by the Thrall in the area. While our friend proved you don’t need to run and hide, we’ll be running and hiding.
  • While the Fatebringer can only be obtained by taking down The Templar in the Vault of Glass on hard, hand cannons are extremely valuable weapons, especially against enemies that can be dropped with one critical hit, such as the Thrall.
  • There are enemies in the Crota’s End raid that are level 32, and possibly even higher. Even at level 30, you’re looking at an approximately 42 percent penalty to the damage you deal to those foes. Rank up your character, Guardian.

We hope you don’t take those tips as encouragement to attempt this raid alone, as that is just plain crazy for about 99.9 percent of the Destiny players out there. If you do manage to solo the Crota’s End raid, however, don’t forget to dance all the way into the Destiny Hall of Fame – we’ll pop by to visit you sometime.

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