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Watch Bungie Stream Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves

by Prima Games Staff

Similar to movies, books and TV shows, video games remain popular for set periods of time. Some stay on the radar a couple of weeks, while World of Warcraft continues to dominate more than 10 years after its release.  

We don’t know how much longer fans will play Bungie’s Destiny, but considering it debuted last September and still grabs headlines, it appears that players will continue searching for the 20 Gold Chests and Dead Ghosts well into the summer, especially with the new expansion, House of Wolves, set to debut on May 19.  This new piece of downloadable content adds new elements to the core Destiny experience, including armor, weapons and gear, along with three new multiplayer maps for the Crucible, a new co-op Strike to enjoy with friends and more story missions. In addition, gamers will take part in a new arena activity referred to as The Prison of Elders. 

With that in mind, Bungie will live stream Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves this Wednesday (April 22) at 11:00AM PT, 2:00PM ET on  During the stream, Bungie Community Manager Deej, Creative Director Christopher Barrett and Gothalion (a member of the game’s thriving community) will walk players through Destiny’s new social experience, The Reef. This not only includes a guided tour, but also introductions to vendors and bits of content. 

This is the first House of Wolves reveal, with the remaining ones taking place on the following dates: April 29, May 6 and May 8. 

You can watch the live stream below at 11:00AM PT. 

Watch live video from Bungie on

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