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Watch This Amazing Titan Smash in Destiny

by Prima Games Staff

Play Crucible in Destiny long enough and you’ll see incredible feats, be it dead-on sniper shots from over a hundred yards away or glorious melee kills. Today we bring you this heavy Titan Smash from The A-Squad. He or she jumps across a wide gap into what seems like a quick death, but instead of succumbing to the group of enemy players, this person pulls off a Titan Smash to decimate the opposition. Even more impressive is the fact none of it was planned. He was merely searching for heavy ammo, apparently, when the situation unfolded.

Even the announcer, Lord Shaxx, loses his mind. “Fantastic work! I can’t believe what I’m seeing!” 

Indeed, sir. Indeed.

Watch the video, then put yourself on the fast track to Level 40 in Destiny! Well, relatively speaking.

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